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Portable Office Setup: Everything You Need to Make Your Own

September 15, 23
Portable Office Setup: Everything You Need to Make Your Own

Ready to build a sanctuary for productivity? You’ve come to the right place. Creating an efficient and comfortable work-from-home setup is an investment in your productivity. With the right equipment, your home office can mimic or surpass traditional workplaces' functionality. Whether you’re a freelancer, digital nomad or simply a professional working from home, here’s everything you need to create an ideal portable home office setup.

Maximising Connectivity: The HyperDrive PRO 8-in-2 USB-C Hub


HyperDrive USB-C Hub with cables and laptop

Today’s remote work environment often demands multiple device connections, and that’s where the HyperDrive PRO 8-in-2 USB-C Hub comes into play. This compact yet powerful device offers a variety of ports, from HDMI and MicroSD to USB-A and USB-C, making connectivity a breeze. It helps enhance your workflow, connecting an array of devices such as external drives, monitors, and more, thus expanding your computer’s capabilities.

A Flexible Workstation: Portable Stand with Integrated DockTargus Portable Laptop Stand with Integrated Dock

Ergonomics should never be overlooked when setting up your portable office. A poorly designed workspace can lead to discomfort and long-term health problems. With the Portable Laptop Stand with Integrated Dock, you can adjust your laptop to an ideal viewing height, promoting better posture and reducing neck strain.

Protective Gear: VersaVu® Classic Case


Protecting a tablet as part of your portable work-from-home office setup should be a priority. The VersaVu® Classic Case for iPad Pro® or iPad Air® offers 360-degree protection without compromising on style or functionality. It shields your device from potential damage and improves its functionality by providing different viewing angles, making video calls, presentations or even document editing more convenient and comfortable.

Eco-Conscious Carry: EcoSmart® Zero Waste Backpack

Targus EcoSmart® Zero Waste Backpack in black

Transport your portable office setup comfortably and sustainably with the 15.6-inch EcoSmart® Zero Waste Backpack. Made from recycled water bottles, it offers ample space for all your office essentials without compromising on style or comfort. Its design includes dedicated compartments for your laptop, peripherals, and personal items, keeping everything organised and easy to find.

The Ultimate Workhorse: Cypress™ Hero Backpack with Find My Locator

person holding phone locating Targus Cypress™ backpack

For a higher degree of functionality and peace of mind, consider the 15.6-inch Cypress™ Hero Backpack with Find My® Locator. In addition to its generous storage capacity and sleek design, it features an Apple® Find My® compatible location module, ensuring you never lose track of your carefully-crafted portable office.

Create Your Ultimate On-the-Go Office with Targus

Creating a productive and comfortable portable work-from-home office setup requires a thoughtful selection of the right tools. Whether it’s ensuring seamless device connectivity, adopting ergonomic work practices, protecting your gadgets, or choosing the right bag to carry your mobile office, Targus has you covered. 

So why wait? Shop our entire collection, or check out our Discover Targus blog for even more portable office inspiration. Start building your perfect portable workspace today!

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