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As the world becomes more connected, modern students and professionals are searching for high-quality, socially conscious solutions for hardware and tech accessories. Finding an eco-friendly backpack with a slim profile, rugged enough to carry for remote work and travel, yet stylish enough to be at home in the boardroom, can be a challenge. Ever the tech-solution visionaries, Targus has merged environmentally sound production and design-forward artistry in their selection of eco-friendly laptop case and bag options from the Cypress line.

Innovative and Eco-Friendly Design

What makes the Targus Cypress line an eco-friendly backpack? The Targus EcoSmart® design is a marvel of mindful engineering; reinforcing the Cypress bag or eco-friendly laptop case is a weave of re-polymerised plastic chips, heated and spun from 24 GRS-certified recycled plastic bottles. That sturdy, innovative material lends to the rugged, go-anywhere strength of the bag’s construction – and, more importantly, keeps plastic particles out of the typical landfill track. It’s estimated that 14 billion pounds of plastic waste end up polluting the worldwide waterways every year. Feed your appetite for innovation and conservation by choosing the right bag for your tech, on the move and in the moment.

Modern Style that Protects Your Gear

Eco-friendly laptop bags are perfect for the thoughtful entrepreneur who prizes ideology and innovation. Wear a laptop case, sleeve, or eco-friendly backpack that is as kind to the earth as it is protective to your gear. Targus’s bold Cypress line featuring EcoSmart® is the perfect amalgam of design-forward and socially-conscious: a match made for the thoughtful modern workspace. Explore all of the eco-friendly laptop case options — including warranty-protected backpack and sleeve options — at Targus.