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DefenseGuardTM Antimicrobial Protection

Targus is committed to creating safe and durable protection for you and your tech. As Level 2 of Targus’ Antimicrobial Protection Levels, DefenseGuardTM uses antimicrobial fabric and antimicrobial plastic to provide protection that lasts.

Infused, Not Coated

Unlike post-production coatings and topically applied sprays, DefenseGuard™ is infused into the materials themselves.

Eliminates 99.9%¹ Of Germs

DefenseGuard™ materials have been proven to reduce bacteria by more than 99.9%¹, meaning you can worry less and live more.

Designed for Life

DefenseGuard™ antimicrobial protection by Targus is won't ever wear out or wash off. DefenseGuard™ is designed for life.²

Proven Protection

BPR and EPA compliant, DefenseGuard™ has been independently tested against industry standards. 

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DefenseGuard™ Under the Microscope

What is DefenseGuard™?

Targus guarantees lifetime protection for your devices, with a limited lifetime warranty to back it up. With DefenseGuardTM products, we make the same guarantee for their hygiene. Typical antimicrobial protection models rely on using a topically-applied spray to create a protective coating. With the wear and tear of everyday use, these coatings fade over time.

That’s why Targus developed DefenseGuardTM. Targus infuses silver-based antimicrobial agents directly into the materials of every DefenseGuardTM-certified product, creating fabrics and plastics with protection that never fades.

Protection for Life

Because the materials are infused, the agents in the antimicrobial fabric cannot wear out. Both the soft fabric and hard surface of antimicrobial plastic wash easily, wiping away dirt and grime while retaining protection.

The innovative design of DefenseGuardTM ensures that every item in our collection stays continuously clean. Silver-based antimicrobial agents cleanse each product in a BPR and EPA compliant cyclical process that both prevents and eliminates bacterial growth.

Continuously Clean

Both our antimicrobial fabric and antimicrobial tech accessories promote hygiene in your workplace with proven effectiveness. Testing in independent laboratories with JIS Z 2801 and ISO 22196:2011 methods shows materials infused with DefenseGuardTM have a 99.9% reduction of Staph Infection and E. Coli bacteria on high-touch products and surfaces.

You can be confident that your antimicrobial bags, cases, keyboards, and mice will always stay safe and clean. Browse our collection of bags and tech accessories today to experience the innovative protection of DefenseGuardTM.

with DefenseGuard™ Antimicrobial Protection

Targus 2Office Backpack infused with antimicrobial protection will carry and protect you and your work essentials on the move. The modular design unzips like a clamshell to reveal smart storage and organisation pockets. 2Office backpack helps you carry more, worry less.   

DefenseGuard™ Antimicrobial Protection 
A continuous cleaning innovation designed to prevent and eliminate the growth of bacteria. It delivers a durable, cleaner surface. Proven to protect against germs it won’t wear off or wash off, it is designed for life. Testing of Targus materials using standards including the ISO 22196:2011 at independent laboratories has demonstrated 99.9% reduction of Staphylococcus aureus (Staph Infection) and Escherichia coli (E. coli). BPR and EPA compliant, silver antimicrobial agents’ have been infused into Targus DefenseGuard™ products for all-around protection, neutralising bacterial threats to your product for its lifetime. 

Tech Protection 
Drops and bumps are no problem for this backpack. A built-in SafePort® Sling safely suspends your laptop to prevent impact in case it’s dropped. Plus, its adjustable to fit laptop screens from 15-17.3”.  


Flex Your Load
The easy-access workstation helps you organise and carry your desk accessories into the office, like your own personal mouse or even full-size keyboard. Two removable front pouches mean you can level-up or reduce your pack capacity to suit your day - conveniently slip inside the backpack or even another bag. 


Smart Storage 
Plenty of pockets store your office and day to day essentials, the zipped lumbar pocket secure your keys, wallet and phone, and shoulder strap pockets are perfectly positioned for your mask and hand sanitiser.  


Be Well 
Adjustable, ergonomic shoulder straps plus a padded back panel ensure a comfortable fit. The infused antimicrobial protection creates a cleaner surface, so you only take home what you want. Protecting you and your work essentials from bacterial threats. 

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¹ Targus Antimicrobial Protection is infused into this product. Independent laboratory testing demonstrated a 99.9% reduction of Staphylococcus aureus (Staph Infection) and Escherichia coli (E. coli) on product surfaces and touchpoints.
² Antimicrobial product protection is limited to the case or device itself.

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