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5 Tips to Help You Find the Best Laptop Backpack

February 22, 24
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If you’re like most people, you get a lot of use from your laptop. Whether you depend on your laptop for completing work presentations or outlasting other gamers on Fortnite, keeping your computer protected is a top priority.

Fortunately, the best laptop backpacks can provide you with unmatched peace of mind. These backpacks let you protect your laptop, store its accessories, and keep your valuable items hidden from others.

The computer storage experts at Targus are here to help you find the best laptop backpack. Follow the tips below for a new laptop backpack that perfectly suits your needs.

1. Measure Your Devices

So, what is a good laptop backpack? One that is big enough to hold your laptop. Fortunately, this information is easy to find out. 

First, get measuring tape or a ruler and gently place it over your closed laptop. Then, take a diagonal measurement from your laptop’s bottom-left to its upper-right corner. The resulting measurement is what size laptop backpack you need. For instance, if your laptop measures 17 inches, you would need a 17-inch laptop backpack.

Knowing your laptop size is important to make sure your bag is not too small or large to safely hold and secure your device.

2. Protection from Rain or Snow

Depending on your work and personal life, you might spend considerable time outside. If that’s the case, the best laptop backpack for you might be one that’s water-resistant. A water-resistant laptop backpack features special materials designed to repel water and keep it from damaging your computer and anything else stored inside.

3. Choose a Backpack With a Laptop Cradle

An image of one of the best laptop backpacks for students

Placing a laptop in a traditional backpack is rarely a good idea. A backpack with a laptop cradle can leave your device free to move around, which is never how to keep a laptop safe in a backpack. Traditional backpacks without cradles can also lead to laptop damage if books or other heavy items begin crushing your computer.

Before you purchase the best laptop backpack, ensure it has a cradle meant to hold your laptop in place safely. Finding this type of laptop backpack might mean spending a little more money. But paying a little more is much better than replacing a broken or otherwise damaged laptop.

4. Your Lifestyle

When wondering what makes a good laptop, how you use this computer is a vital consideration. That’s why we wanted to include our picks for the best laptop backpacks for different use cases.

  • Students: We recommend the Targus 15-16” Modern Classic Backpack. This backpack is stylish, extremely affordable, and features a padded laptop compartment. It also offers pockets for water bottles, perfect for staying hydrated during a long day on campus.
  • Commuters: If you often find yourself commuting to and from school, work, or both, we recommend the Drifter 15.6” Backpack. The Drifter features an air mesh back panel to provide additional coolness. It also offers superior internal padding.
  • Travellers: Whether in a vehicle, bus, or busy airport, device protection and ease of transport are critical. The 16" Sagano™ EcoSmart® Travel Backpack is designed with travel in mind. There is RFID-blocking protection, trolley straps to secure the bag to rolling luggage while you make your way through the airport, and even a hideaway rain cover just in case it starts to rain.
  • People who work from home, in cafes, and other locations: Working from home can be great. However, most people sometimes have the desire to work in public spaces. We recommend the Cypress 15.6” Hero whether you work at home, in a cafe, or elsewhere. This backpack is the perfect blend of being lightweight and offering superior device protection.

5. Comfortable Straps

While computer manufacturers aim to create lightweight laptops, that doesn’t always happen. No matter the weight of your laptop, carrying it around all day or night can cause discomfort. Fortunately, you’ll have a much easier time commuting or travelling with a laptop backpack designed for comfort.

Many laptop backpacks from Targus feature adjustable straps with comfortable padded materials. These straps help eliminate shoulder, back, and neck pain that often comes with carrying a low-quality laptop backpack.

We hope this post helps answer the question: What is a good laptop backpack for me? You can find the best laptop backpacks from Targus. Since 1983, we’ve designed comfortable, secure, high-quality backpacks and bags designed to keep your laptops protected.

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