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Here are some of the Targus frequently asked questions

What Is Hyper?

Hyper is a company based in California’s Silicon Valley that manufactures high-quality, cutting-edge accessories for Apple and mobile devices. This company specializes in offering data storage, connectivity, and portable power solutions. Hyper offers products under its popular HyperDrive (hubs and docking stations), HyperJuice (chargers and battery packs), and HyperThin (cables) product lines.

What Products Does Hyper Make?

Hyper’s wide range of products can suit the needs of one person or an entire enterprise. This company produces USB-C hubs, adapters, docking stations, chargers, battery packs, cables, and device accessories. This company is also notable for producing many firsts, including the world’s first MacBook battery pack, wireless USB port, and iPhone flash drive.

What Is HyperDrive?

HyperDrive is one of Hyper’s most popular product lines, consisting of many hubs and docking stations. This product line features convenient hub stands, Thunderbolt-compatible docks, and multi-port USB hubs. HyperDrive accessories offer convenience, functionality, and compatibility with many Apple devices.

What Is a HyperDrive Docking Station?

A HyperDrive Docking Station can offer faster data transfer speeds, charging, and refresh rates for your connected laptops and tablets. Docking stations offer more USB-C ports for keyboards, mice, headphones, chargers, and other USB-connected items.