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Connect to More with the Best Docking Station for Laptops

Simply put, with two monitors working in tandem, you’ll be able to tackle projects faster and get more done during your workday. And who couldn’t use a boost in their productivity levels?

Whether your device is running Android™, Windows® or macOS™, or even if you're working with Linux® or Chrome OS™, we've got a powerful and reliable dual-monitor docking station that will help you work faster and smarter. These are some of the best docking stations for laptops, and they all offer power delivery.

Why Buy a Targus Dual Display Docking Station?

Create a High-Performance Dual-Monitor Workstation

Get the most out of your workstation by adding not just one, but two monitors with a Targus dual display dock. That increased display real estate helps boost your productivity since it’s faster and easier to switch between documents or view your spreadsheets side-by-side.

Connect with Ease

From DisplayPort™ to HDMI to VGA, we’ve got a dual-monitor docking station that will easily help you transform your desk into a high-performance workstation. We also carry all the docking station accessories you’ll need.

Get the Power You Need

We’re committed to helping you master your days with a more efficient and effective workspace that gives you the added advantage of using two computer monitors. We’re here to help you with finding the right dual-monitor docking station. And we’re so sure you’ll love your new docking station from Targus, it comes with a limited 3-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Browse all the best docking stations for laptops and order yours today.

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Here are some of the Targus frequently asked questions

What is a Docking Station With Power Delivery?

A docking station with power delivery combines the functionality of a traditional docking station with the ability to provide high-wattage power to charge laptops and devices. Targus also provides power docking stations that simplify connectivity, ensuring efficient charging and data transfer for a seamless workflow.

What are the Benefits of a Powered Docking Station?

Powered docking stations provide an array of advantages, such as quick device charging, expanded connectivity, increased productivity, and simplified cable management. Targus power docking stations are indispensable for creating a more efficient and organised workspace.

How Does Power Delivery Work in Docking Stations?

Power Delivery (PD) in docking stations enables rapid device charging by negotiating power needs between the dock and your device. Targus PD docking stations ensure efficient charging and data transfer, providing a speedy and versatile solution.

Are Power Delivery Docking Stations Compatible With Both Windows Laptops and MacBooks?

Yes. Most Power Delivery Docking Stations work smoothly with Windows and MacBooks. Targus provides a range of docking stations that harmonise with various Windows laptops and MacBooks, ensuring effortless connectivity and power delivery. Make sure the docking station specifications match your MacBook model for seamless integration.