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Cable Adapters

Computer cable adapters are convenient in numerous ways. With the correct adapter, you can modify your laptop or desktop computer to do nearly anything you can imagine. For example, a USB to VGA allows you to connect your computer with a video projector.

You can also connect your laptop to a widescreen television, docking station, or other devices such as your phone or tablet. Browse through the computer cables and adapters at Targus to see what you can use.

Adaptable Adapters

A computer cable adapter allows your computer to adapt to practically anything you might need. We offer a variety of female to male adapters, including USB adapters.

  • Increase your efficiency and output at home or work with a dual video adapter that lets you extend your computer monitors or split your screens.
  • Stage a polished presentation or play a movie with a USB to VGA adapter.
  • Play your favourite computer game on the big screen with an HDMI adapter.
  • Speed up your connection with an ethernet adapter with Gigabits to spare.

Discover a multi-display USB adapter with plenty of space or grab a USB-C to USB-C adapter to connect two devices. We also have computer cables and adapters that provide power and connect USB ports to USB-micro ports.

Explore our selection of computer cable adapters and other adapters to get the most use out of your laptop or desktop setup. Take a moment to browse through all of the computer accessories at Targus.