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5th Generation iPad Pro 12.9 Inch Cases and Accessories

Our mission at Targus is for you to get the most use out of your mobile devices without having to sacrifice their safety. That’s why our iPad Pro 5th generation cases are made to offer premium protection that looks as good as it is effective. Explore our collection of accessories and see what case is the right fit for you.

Reasons to Go With Targus

Incredibly Durable

Why live in fear that you could break your iPad at any moment when you can get the best security possible? Our Apple 5th generation iPad cases ensure your iPad stays safe, with features that include military-grade drop protection, enhanced corners, and magnetic closures. No matter what you buy, your tech will be protected.

Choices Galore

When we say we want to give the power of protection to you, we mean it. We have a plethora of available sizes, colours, and styles for you to choose from. This is your opportunity to make your iPad Pro 5th generation case match you.

Quality Guaranteed

Our Apple 5th generation iPad cases are sourced from excellent materials and manufacturers so that you can buy with confidence. All iPad cases come with a limited lifetime warranty, and you can contact customer service at any time for any issues. This is an iPad case as superior as the iPad itself. Find yours today!