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In the city and the suburbs, you need a modern backpack that keeps pace with your lifestyle. Sleek and efficient, a modern laptop bag should offer first-class aesthetics and design while keeping your essentials safe. Taking all of these needs into account, Targus is pleased to bring you the Urban collection. Commuting and urban life just got trendier.

Streamlined and Sophisticated

Space is at a premium in the city. You need to travel light and travel smart without compromising on the essentials. Representing everything a contemporary backpack should be, the various models in our cutting-edge range offer a streamlined and sophisticated design while still providing the room you need.

The spacious, padded laptop compartments in our modern backpacks protect your gear as you head about town, while additional pockets for your water and files provide maximum convenience in the boardroom and during lectures. Minimalist urban laptop sleeves offer further protection - sliding effortlessly into your modern laptop bag’s primary compartment.

Hit Your Stride with Targus

Targus was created for people like you - people who like to dream big and utilise every second of the day. Now, nearly 40 years after the brand’s beginnings, we’re continuing to lead the way in modern backpacks for commuting, travel, eco-consciousness, and more. Ready to give your efficiency a boost? Shop our contemporary backpacks today.