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At Targus UK, our tablet cases offer the best protection while perfectly suiting your preferences and style. Sturdier options ensure your tablet won’t be damaged from a drop, while sleeker cases keep your tablet looking stylish and appropriate for any occasion. And now, we also carry a range of antimicrobial options that keep your device consistently clean. For the best in tablet protection, shop our large assortment of cases.

Tablet Protection Built Better

Targus tablet cases offer a reimagined look into high-quality case potential. Our cases are thoughtfully designed to serve as effective, professional, and trendsetting options for many different devices. Solutions like drop protection eliminate fears of shattered screens and bent chassis. Our case options also come with many customised ports for cameras and audio that capitalise on the already great designs of modern tablets.

Thanks to our cases, functionality and ergonomics are always with you. Find the right case for you here!

Flexible Options

Many of our cases come with different colours and configurations, but they all come with a few key features that set them apart. Unique additions include:

  • Military-grade drop protection
  • 360-degree rotation options for easy viewing
  • Custom moulding and reinforced corners to prevent scuffing
  • Special cutouts for ports, jacks, and buttons that perfectly compliment device form
  • Audio scoops for expanded sound
  • Magnetic closures or snaps
  • Stylus and pen holder options

And with a lifetime warranty, our cases take tablet protection to the next level, ensuring your devices are always secure. They also fit perfectly in many bags while still being durable enough to travel on their own!

Why Targus

At Targus UK, tablet cases take a specialised approach that perfectly builds on tablets’ built-in strengths for optimal protection. Many cases are even built with a specific brand or model in mind, so compatibility is never an issue. Discover the case made to fit your device in our diverse collection.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We want to help you upgrade your tablet’s potential with our selection of cases today!


Here are some of the Targus frequently asked questions

Does a Tablet Need a Case?

Yes, protecting your tablet with a high-quality case is always a smart move. Made with extremely durable materials, Targus tablet cases protect against drops and other accidents. We also have many options and styles available to suit your lifestyle.

What Kind of Case Is Best for a Tablet?

That depends on your preferences. If you use your tablet for streaming, a case with a kickstand props your tablet up for easy viewing. Field-ready tablet cases are rugged and durable, made for everyday work.

What Is the Best Way to Protect Your Tablet?

Whether you’re a busy student or an employee working outdoors, tablet cases offer protection for any purpose. Targus offers additional features for many of our tablets, including military-grade drop protection, cutouts for device-specific jacks or buttons, and audio scoops for improved sound quality.

How to Choose a Tablet Case?

The most important thing when buying a tablet case is ensuring it fits your device. Fortunately, Targus has tablet cases custom-made for iPad, Samsung Galaxy, and Microsoft Surface tablets. We also offer universal cases made to fit almost any other tablet. Then, you can narrow your options based on colour and style preferences.