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MacBook Pro Accessories

If you have a MacBook or MacBook Pro, you’ll want to keep your device protected at all times. Whether you travel frequently or you have a long commute for work, you can count on the thoughtfully designed Targus briefcases and backpacks to provide the perfect fit for your computer.

You can also find a variety of MacBook Pro accessories including stands, screen protectors, and laptop sleeves — all designed to make taking care of your tech easier. Shopping for Mac accessories in the UK has never been easier.

Convenient Carrying

At Targus, we offer maximum storage capacity in minimalist styles for professionals who put an emphasis on protecting their Apple devices. With convertible carry straps, multiple pockets for simple organisation, and water-repellant exteriors, our bags and briefcases are easy to bring with you anywhere you go.

Premium Protection

Whether you choose to use one of our laptop bags or you prefer a simple sleeve, you can expect sleek, durable designs with innovative protective features. Explore a selection that includes cases that offer sling suspension, shock-absorbing semi-rigid EVA foam, and ultra-soft microfibre interiors.

Stellar Security

Many of the MacBook and MacBook Pro accessories at Targus provide enhanced security while working away from your office. Our magnetic privacy screens keep your information private while offering anti-glare, blue light filters, and fingerprint-proof features.

Browse the Ultimate Selection of Mac Accessories in the UK

Since 1983, Targus has been a world-renowned innovator of computer accessories, and our MacBook accessories are second to none. We offer generous warranties, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and free shipping on orders of £50 or more.

If you’re looking to keep your devices safe, your information secure and your workspace comfortable, turn to Targus for top quality products and accessories today!


Here are some of the Targus frequently asked questions

What MacBook accessories does Targus offer?

Targus offers several MacBook accessories, including protective cases, chargers, external storage, video conference systems, privacy screens, USB-C hubs, mouse, keyboard, docking stations, and more.

What is the best MacBook case or sleeve?

The best case or sleeve depends on your preferences. Popular options include hardshell cases, leather sleeves, and neoprene covers. It’s a matter of personal style and protection needs.

Do I need a screen protector for my MacBook?

Most MacBooks come with durable screens, and screen protectors may not be necessary for everyone. However, if you are concerned about scratches, smudges, or privacy, you can opt for a screen protector.

What is a docking station, and do I need one for my MacBook?

A docking station lets you connect your MacBook to various peripherals like monitors, external hard drives, and more with a single cable. Whether you need one depends on your workflow. If you frequently connect multiple devices, a docking station can be convenient.

What’s the best way to organize and carry my MacBook accessories?

Consider using cable organizers, tech pouches, or laptop bags with compartments. These can help keep your accessories organized and protected while on the go.