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Monitor Accessories

A good monitor never stands alone. At Targus, we’re pleased to offer our exceptional collection of versatile monitor accessories to support your devices. Explore our array of computer monitor accessories, from ergonomic laptop stands and privacy screens to essential adapters and convenient accessory pouches. With Targus, you can take your workstation to the next level.

Shop by Device

We understand that no two workstations are quite alike. Devices vary considerably in size, weight, and usage. That’s why we offer accessories in a broad range of dimensions and configurations. Much like our laptop accessories and tablet accessories, our computer monitor accessories are crafted to be the perfect combination of high performance and ideal fit.

Build Your Optimal Workstation

Your search for the ideal workflow is over. At Targus, we have the monitor accessories you need to create your ideal workspace. We encourage you to shop our full selection of accessories, not only to complement your computer monitor, but to build the powerhouse of a workstation that supports your productivity and engages your creativity.

Expand Your Home Office

Power doesn’t have to stay at the office. Boost your personal workstation with our monitor accessories for working from home. Our additions to your setup will make both work and play at your desk an absolute joy. Shop now to find the tools you need to turn your monitor setup into the home office of your dreams.