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Microsoft Surface Cases & Accessories

Targus offers a varied selection of Microsoft Surface cases, stands, folios and privacy screens. Each case comes with a protective warranty, and each is made with rugged construction for maximum protection. Our inventory includes cases and accessories for the Microsoft Surface, Microsoft Surface Pro, and Microsoft Surface Go models. Browse the full selection.

Our Cases Offer Maximum Protection

The SafePort® Rugged Case and the Protect Case have passed military grade 4’ drop testing (MIL-STD 810G), and each full-sized case includes shock-absorbent TPU for improved corner protection. Common features include a hard-moulded tray, keyboard-locking functionality, a detachable hand strap and a non-slip interior (features vary by product).

Folio Wrap Cases & Other Microsoft Surface Accessories
In addition to our hard cases, we offer a range of lightweight, secure folio wrap cases, each of which includes a limited lifetime warranty. These slim cases offer features like form-fitting protection, a shock absorbing tray and an adjustable stand to help you achieve the perfect angle.

Each folio wrap case provides a perfect fit for the MS Type Cover keyboard (not included). With the addition of a keyboard, the folio wrap case enables you to use your Microsoft Surface the same way you would use a laptop.

While shopping for Microsoft Surface accessories, be sure to order a privacy screen. Targus anti-glare privacy screens are among the most touch-sensitive on the market, enabling you to easily access and view your screen without unwanted oversight.

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Since 1983, Targus has been the industry leader for cutting-edge tech cases and accessories. We offer leading-edge features, generous warranties and unrivalled customer assistance. Browse our full selection of Microsoft Surface cases and accessories, and order yours today.


Here are some of the Targus frequently asked questions

Why do I need a case for my Microsoft Surface device?

Cases protect devices from scratches, dings, and accidental drops, preserving their appearance and functionality. They also offer additional features such as kickstands, keyboard compatibility, and pen holders.

What are some essential accessories for Microsoft Surface Devices?

Essential accessories may include a keyboard cover, stylus pen, docking station, screen protector, and a carrying bag. These accessories can enhance productivity and protection.

Are Microsoft Surface cases compatible with different Surface models?

Many cases are designed to be model-specific, so it’s essential to choose one that matches your Surface device’s model and size. Some accessories, like pens or docking stations, may be more universally compatible.

Can I charge my Surface Device while it’s in the case?

Yes, most cases allow you to charge your Surface device without removing it from the case. Ensure that the case has appropriate openings for charging ports.

What types of cases and accessories are available for Microsoft Surface Devices?

Targus offers a wide range of cases, including hard shell cases, sleeve cases, and keyboard covers. Each case has a protective warranty and is made with rugged construction for maximum protection. We also offer accessories like stands, folios, and privacy screens.