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Targus is your go-to source for dependable iPad Pro cases and accessories for your iPad Pro. If you’re looking to protect your device or for increased productivity optimisation, Targus has you covered. Browse our selection of iPad Pro accessories and find what you need for maximum efficiency in your workflow.

Find the iPad Pro Case for You

Stay protected and connected with products from Targus. Keep your iPad Pro safe from drops, bumps, and scratches with sleek and sturdy iPad Pro cases that are built to withstand even the toughest of commutes. To find the tech accessories compatible with your iPad Pro and other devices, check out our Accessory Finder.

A Collection for You

Targus’ products are designed to meet your everyday needs. We have an immense collection of items tailored to ensure that you have the solutions you need for success. In addition to Apple iPad Pro cases, you can find docking stations, laptop bags, accessories, and more at Targus. Whether you need to optimise your workflow or stay protected and covered during travel, Targus has the solutions you need.

Insightful Solutions

For over thirty-five years, Targus has been committed to providing you with the solutions you need to seamlessly integrate technology into your lifestyle. We aim to give you the tools to meet your goals for performance, style, and protection.

Targus has what you need to protect, carry, and connect. Shop for an iPad Pro case and more today for items that meet your lifestyle needs. For more information and solutions for travel, career, technology, and lifestyle, read more on our Discover Targus blog. Targus has insightful solutions suited to you.


Here are some of the Targus frequently asked questions

What iPad Pro accessories are offered by Targus?

Targus offers dependable iPad Pro accessories like protective cases, screen protectors, privacy screens and hyperdrive USB-C hubs.

Can I use regular iPad cases with the iPad Pro?

No, iPad Pro models have different dimensions and features compared to regular iPads. You need a case specifically designed for your iPad Pro model.

Do I need a keyboard for my iPad Pro?

Whether you need a keyboard depends on how you plan to use your iPad Pro. If you frequently use it for typing and productivity tasks, a keyboard case or external Bluetooth keyboard can be very convenient.

Are there accessories for improving the iPad Pro’s sound quality?

Yes, you can consider external Bluetooth speakers or headphones for improved audio quality. Targus speakers and headsets are suitable for this.

Can I connect external storage devices to my iPad Pro?

Yes, you can connect external storage devices using a USB-C hub or adapter, which provides additional USB ports and sometimes an SD card slot. This allows you to transfer files to and from the iPad Pro.