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Targus laptop bags and cases are perfectly designed to fit your individual needs. With a range of styles and colours available, you can find the perfect carry-all to protect and transport your device. Backpacks, briefcases, messenger totes and more allow you to choose from multiple laptop bag designs to find the one that suits your lifestyle. A well-designed laptop travel case provides an extra layer of safekeeping that guards your device through all forms of travel. Bring functional protection and rugged style to your world with a Targus bag or case.

Targus Laptop Bag Features

Eco-Friendly Materials
With our EcoSmart laptop bags, you can protect your devices and the planet at the same time. The fabric is made from recycled water bottle fibres. Complete with nickel-free hardware, these bags and cases are developed through green-conscious manufacturing processes. Each step reflects the Targus commitment to protecting the environment while simultaneously keeping your tech safe. It’s a bag you can feel good about purchasing.

Ergonomist-Certified Comfort
Infuse your everyday world with comfort by purchasing a Targus laptop bag. Adjustable straps allow you to tailor your bag to your body, while smartly positioned pockets offer easy access to your most important items. Each of our multiple laptop bag designs are created with the input of leading ergonomists, ensuring that each decision leads to maximum comfort for our customers.

Patented Protection Systems
A laptop travel case is only useful if it provides maximum protection for your valuable devices. We’ve spent years refining our cases to achieve perfectly sized multi-fit cradles to support your gear. SafePort Air Systems with high-density foam defend against sudden impacts and Dome Shock Dispersion redistributes blows away from your laptop screen. Choose from our various styles to find a Targus laptop travel case that wraps your devices in protection you can count on.