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Improve the quality of your video calls and conferences with a cutting-edge 1080p webcam. Targus has the selection of reliable technology accessories you need to stay connected and productive at work. Explore our selection of high-resolution webcams with modern technology to take your video calls to a whole new level.

Connect with a 1080p Webcam

Targus has everything you need to carry, protect, and connect your tech. Our 1080p webcams are designed for high-quality, hassle-free video connectivity for any monitor or laptop. All of our accessories are designed with the same goal of maximising your productivity with ease. With our high-resolution webcams, full-featured docking stations, and tech accessories, you can rest assured that you have the innovative solutions you need to optimise your workflow. To discover more accessories that are compatible with your devices, use our Accessory Finder.

Seamless Integration

Targus’ collections of products are built for seamless integration of technology into your lifestyle. No matter your profession, the tech accessories we offer are built to meet all of your performance and style needs. Explore our inventory to buy webcams and other valuable accessories for the tools to meet your performance, style, and protection needs.

Tailored for All

From students to business professionals, Targus’ products are tailored for all types of tech users. For over thirty-five years, we’ve been committed to providing the purposeful solutions needed for your success.

Whether you buy webcams or any other Targus accessories, you can be guaranteed that you can connect and integrate your technology with ease. Shop New Arrivals to explore the latest in technology and accessories or check out the Discover Targus blog to learn more purposeful solutions for your technology, career, travel, and lifestyle needs.