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Targus is your source for dependable tech accessories that help seamlessly integrate tech into your lifestyle. Protect your iPad whilst on-the-go with a case designed to keep your device safe throughout the toughest of commutes and travels. Explore our collection of iPad 10.9-inch cases for a case that provides leading protection, functionality, and sleek style, all in one.

Carry and Protect Your Tech

Tough commutes and accidental bumps and drops are no match for the iPad 10th generation cases at Targus. With their sturdy design and valuable functionality, you can carry and protect your tech with peace of mind. Targus aims to help provide you with the products you need to keep your devices safe and secure, no matter where you go. Pairing your case with a laptop bag or tablet case from Targus means quality protection for your devices fit for work, travel, school, and everyday life.

Designed for Your Lifestyle

The products at Targus are designed for your lifestyle. From durable iPad 10.9-inch cases that keep your tech safe to docking stations that help optimise your workspace, our collection of products are built to ensure that you have all the technology accessories you need for success. Find more solutions to your career, travel, and lifestyle needs on the Discover Targus blog.

Seamless Integration of Technology

For over thirty-five years, Targus has been dedicated to implementing the purposeful solutions you need for the successful and seamless integration of technology into your lifestyle. Our selection of iPad 10th generation cases and other tech accessories are here to enable you to optimise both your workspace and lifestyle. Find the solution you need to carry, connect, and protect your tech. For help finding accessories compatible with your devices, try using our Accessory Finder.


Will the 2022 cases fit my older model iPad?

These iPad 10.9-inch cases are specifically designed for the 2022 iPad, not older models of iPad. Explore our other iPad cases to find a durable case that meets the specifications of your iPad model. Please check the official model of your iPad to ensure that the case you choose is compatible with your device.

Do the cases fit any 2022 iPad?

There are multiple sizes within the 2022 iPad line — these ones are designed to fit the 10.9-inch iPad. Check your specifications to make sure that your 2022 case is compatible with your specific iPad model.

Will the iPad cases protect my device if I accidentally drop it?

Our iPad 10th generation cases are designed to keep your iPad safe and secure, even if you accidentally bump or drop your device.

Can I still work if I leave the case on my iPad?

Yes, you can still work on your iPad, even if you leave the case on. They’re designed to ensure both protection and functionality. These iPad 10.9-inch cases provide full access to your device’s ports, controls, and camera without needing to remove the case.