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Optimise your workspace with one of our keyboard and mouse bundles. For over thirty-five years, Targus has been providing you with the purposeful solutions you need for success. Now you can get those solutions in a convenient bundle. Find the optimal Targus bundle for your workspace today and save.

Staying Connected

In a world of ever-evolving technology, staying connected is fundamental to your success. Targus strives to provide you with the tools you need for performance and protection, including valuable bundles for your tech. Both our wired and Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combos support an optimised workspace so you can work your best, no matter the circumstances.

Designed for Your Workflow

The products at Targus are designed for you and your workflow. Whether you’re a student, a business professional, or a traveller, Targus has the products you need to integrate tech into your lifestyle with ease. From sleek laptop bags to hold your devices and tech accessories, docking stations, and keyboard and mouse bundles that maximise your productivity, there’s a selection of accessories for everyone. Use our Accessory Finder to find the tech accessories designed for your flow.

Solutions Built for You

Your workspace and workflow are uniquely your own. Targus’ vast selection of tech and accessories are here to provide you with the solutions that are built for you and your needs. For example, if you need something easily portable and convenient, one of our Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combos will be exactly what you’re looking for.

Explore what’s new at Targus for more purposeful solutions for your lifestyle today. For solutions for your lifestyle, career, and travel needs, read more on our blog.


What is the purpose of a keyboard and mouse bundle?

The purpose of a bundle is to quickly and easily get the tech accessories you need for your work, school, or lifestyle. Rather than searching our collection for individual mice and keyboards, a bundle conveniently has everything you need in one package. It’s a simple way for you to save time and money.

What are the advantages of purchasing a bundle from Targus instead of individual tech accessories?

Purchasing a keyboard and mouse bundle is a beneficial way to bring the tech accessories you need home to you. By choosing a tech bundle, you’re able to save money and optimise your workspace, all in one purchase.

Does bundling accessories save me money on my purchase?

Yes; choosing a Targus bundle saves you 10% on your purchase. You get the keyboard and mouse tech accessories you need for your workspace for less money and less time spent searching for what you need.