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Our laptop fan stands and cooling pads are designed to improve your workspace and provide you with a comfortable and ergonomic working solution. With Targus’ high-quality, durable tech accessories, you can trust that you are always getting the best quality and performance out of your device.

Browse Our Wide Selection of Fan Coolers for Laptops

At Targus, we consider everything you need to work comfortably — wherever you are. With cooling pads that you can pack for business trips or add to your working from home setup, your device will always be performing at max potential. Keeping your laptop cool is one of the best ways to ensure faster processing and peak efficiency from your tech.

Don’t be caught without essential cooling technology because you can’t find the right mat size or thickness! At Targus, our best-selling laptop fan stands and cooling mats come in a variety of sizes and features, including:

  • Single & Dual Fan Options
  • Single & Multi-Port Hubs
  • Soft Neoprene Exteriors
  • Ventilated Grills
  • Adjustable Angles & Heights

Minimise Heat. Maximise Productivity.

Laptops might be getting smaller and thinner, but they’re still packed with powerful equipment that emits plenty of heat. This excess heat can be uncomfortable for you, and has the potential to damage your laptop if not properly regulated. Help combat those rising temperatures and protect your computer from overheating with fan coolers for laptops from Targus. Shop our comfortable, ergonomic cooling mats that will disperse heat while you work, and make your laptop experience more enjoyable, every time you need to plug in.

Our cooling pads are perfect for anyone who uses their laptop for extended periods, whether it be for work or leisure. They are lightweight and easy to carry, making them ideal for those who work on-the-go. Get ready to work or play for longer periods without worrying about overheating or discomfort.

Experience the Targus Quality Difference

You can trust that the stands and fan coolers for laptops from Targus deliver high-quality performance through our innovative design and premium materials. Whether you are at your desk, commuting, or travelling abroad, Targus has everything you need to protect and optimise your tech to complement your lifestyle.

At Targus, we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service and support for our customers. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the guidance you need to choose the perfect cooling pad for your needs. Browse our products and durable accessories by device to equip your laptop, tablet, or both!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a cooling fan stand stop my laptop from overheating?

A cooling fan stand can absolutely help prevent your laptop from overheating by providing a stable and well ventilated surface for your device. Keeping your laptop cool from the bottom is a very effective way to reduce the temperature of its internal components!

How do I know if my laptop is too hot?

There are several signs that your laptop may be overheating, including a noticeable increase in fan noise, a decrease in performance, or even the laptop shutting down unexpectedly. If you suspect that your laptop is overheating, it is essential to take action immediately to prevent damage to your device.

How long do laptop fan stands last?

The lifespan of a laptop cooling fan pad can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the product, frequency of use, and level of maintenance. A high-quality laptop cooling pad from a trusted brand like Targus will last for years with typical use and occasionally cleaning out dust buildup in the fans.