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Work anywhere with our laptop cooling pad collection. This collection is designed to keep you and your laptop cool for greater comfort and a longer battery life. Experience its built-in fans and innovative honeycomb design for dispersing the heat while you work. Protecting yourself and securing your gear go hand-in-hand with Targus.

Unleash Productivity

Every minute counts when there’s constant work and studying to be done. When you need to stay productive on the go, our selection of laptop cooling pads keeps your laptop firmly positioned on your lap while keeping you and your laptop cool. If you’re constantly travelling and draining the battery, our collection of car chargers and travel adaptors will keep your battery charged and in business while the laptop cooler holds everything firmly in place.

Improve Ergonomics

Comfort and ease of use are essential for long study sessions and days at work. Our cooling pads are easily collapsible and slide right into your briefcase or backpack. Some models provide a tilted angle as well as thermal management. Place the laptop cooling pad on your desk to improve the angle of the screen. To further improve ergonomics, simply add an external keyboard and mouse.

Accessories You Can Count On

If you’re a go-getter with ambitions, become unstoppable with Targus accessories. Our accessories and laptop bags are constructed from long-lasting materials and come in insightful designs to provide the reliability you need. Ready to give your productivity a boost? Take advantage of our reassuring warranty and shop our laptop coolers today.