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Frequently Asked Questions

Which laptop bag is best for my lifestyle?

The best laptop bag for your lifestyle depends on your unique daily routine and needs. At Targus, we offer a wide range of computer bags for sale to suit different lifestyles. From messenger bags to backpacks, briefcases to sleeves, we have a bag to fit your unique style, laptop size, and storage needs. Choose a bag that provides the right balance of functionality, style, and comfort!

What should I look for when buying a laptop bag?

Your ultimate laptop bag should fit your laptop's size snugly, providing adequate protection for your device. Next, consider the amount of storage space you need for your other tech accessories such as chargers, cables, and external hard drives. Look for a bag that offers ample storage space and organisation features like individual pockets. Finally, consider your personal style preferences and choose a bag that reflects your unique taste.

What accessories do you need for a desktop computer?

The desktop computer accessories online that you should get can vary depending on your personal needs, but some essential accessories include a keyboard and mouse, a monitor, speakers or headphones, and a webcam for video conferencing. Other useful accessories may include a surge protector, external hard drive for backup storage, and a USB hub for connecting multiple devices.

Are Targus laptop bags long-lasting?

Absolutely! Targus’ computer bags for sale are crafted with extremely durable, reliable, and long-lasting materials to ensure that your laptop will be protected and easy to transport for years to come. Whether you’re taking on your daily commute, heading to school, or travelling, our bags are ready for it all.