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Devices like docking stations have revolutionised telework, and finding the best accessory can further improve your remote workstation. Utilising a computer docking station to connect accessories means your peripherals are now streamlined; and so, too, is your workflow. Mobile connectivity for hard drives, GPUs, and card readers is simple with a docking station, and a docking station adapter allows a further degree of connectivity, no matter the make or model of your hardware.

Accessorising your workstation with a computer docking station allows you to go from adaptable laptop to long-haul desktop in moments. Here are a few other accessories that can optimise your telecommuting set-up:

  • A laptop stand for ergonomic laptop positioning at the perfect eye-level
  • Monitor adapters to easily connect HDMI drives to alternate ports 
  • Cables that allow for universal compatibility between different generations of USB plugs
  • Docking station adapters for all of your peripheral devices

As uncommon work set-ups become the norm, mobile work is the singular constant. Be sure all of your devices, from storage to devices adding computing power, are easily linkable and ready when you are. Even the most advanced laptop or desktop is only as strong as its weakest accessory, and making sure your operations are adaptable and accessible is the best way to ensure you’re prepared for whatever the professional horizon may bring.

Built for Adaptability

A computer docking station is a perfect centralised hub for all of your main gear and peripherals, but the right accessories can optimise your operations whether you’re working remotely or from the home office. Customise your ideal telework office: adaptable enough to move, powerful enough to keep your work on track.