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Docking stations have revolutionised telework, and finding the best accessory can further improve your remote workstation. Utilising a docking station and connecting accessories means your peripherals are now streamlined, and so, too, is your workflow. Mobile connectivity for hard drives, GPUs, and card readers is simple with a docking station, and the right accessories allow a further degree of connectivity, no matter the make or model of your hardware.

Optimise Your Workspace

Accessorising your docking station to its full potential allows you to go from an adaptable laptop to a long-haul desktop in moments. Here are a few must-have accessories that can optimise your telecommuting set-up:

As uncommon work set-ups become the norm, mobile work is the singular constant. Be sure all of your devices, from storage to devices adding computing power, are easily linkable and ready when you are.

Built for Reliable Adaptability

Your docking station is a perfect centralised hub for all of your main gear and peripherals, but the right docking station accessories can optimise your operations whether you’re working remotely or from the home office. Customise your ideal telework office: adaptable enough to move and powerful enough to keep your work on track.

Foster Seamless Connectivity with Targus

With the right cables and accessories from Targus, your docking station becomes the command centre of your workspace. Even the most advanced laptop or desktop is only as strong as its weakest accessory, and making sure your operations are adaptable and accessible is the best way to ensure you’re prepared for whatever the professional horizon may bring. With the right adapters, trays, stands, and locks, you can turn your docking station into a productivity powerhouse.


What accessories can improve my docking station's performance?

Enhancing your dock’s performance can be achieved with various accessories, including docking station cables for improved connectivity, adapters for increased compatibility, laptop stands for ergonomic positioning, and monitor adapters to easily connect HDMI drives to alternate ports.

Can the same docking station accessories be used with different models?

Yes, many docking station accessories, including locks and adapters, are designed with universal compatibility in mind. However, it's essential to verify the specifications of each accessory to ensure they are compatible with your specific docking station model.

How do monitor adapters enhance my docking station setup?

Monitor adapters can greatly enhance your docking station setup by allowing you to connect multiple monitors or connect to monitors with different port types. This enables a more versatile and productive workspace.

What types of cables are available for docking station connectivity?

There are various types of cables available for connectivity, including USB-C, USB-A, HDMI, VGA, and Ethernet cables. The choice depends on the devices you wish to connect to your docking station and the ports available on your docking station and devices.