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Take your presentations to a whole new level with our premium selection of wireless presenters. Whether you need to present online or in person, you’ll have the power to easily and remotely open videos, connect to the internet, raise or lower the volume, and even change the brightness of the screen. Discover the ultimate freedom and professionalism with wireless presenters from Targus.

Thoughtful Features for Modern Professionals

Once you experience a Targus wireless presenter, you’ll never want to go back. Above and beyond an ergonomic design, we’ve also included helpful features like backlit keys for dimmed environments and button-lock capabilities to prevent you from pressing buttons accidentally.

From one control, you can:

  • Navigate multiple windows
  • Make selections and create highlights on-screen
  • Adjust the volume
  • Draw attention to key points with an in-built laser pointer/eraser

Once you’ve finished your master presentation, simply store the mini USB receiver safely inside the presenter.

Targus — All You Need to Succeed

From multifunction docking stations to USB hubs and wireless presenters, Targus has everything you need to integrate your work environment and give your efficiency and effectiveness a boost. Are you ready to perfect your delivery? Buy a wireless presenter at Targus UK and discover the freedom that comes with having the right tech.