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Stylish and Professional iPad Cases

Whether you work in an office or on the road, many professionals spend considerable time transporting and using their iPad tablets. Because a tablet contains essential information, it’s a good idea to protect it with an iPad case for work. Targus carries a variety of stylish and protective iPad cases in a variety of colours. We also feature iPad cases that rotate, which provide maximum device functionality.

360-Degree Rotating Tablet Cases

Targus has many professional iPad cases. We offer tablet cases that rotate 360 degrees, letting you or a customer interact with iPads at horizontal or vertical angles. Plus, our incredible product line means we offer cases to fit nearly any iPad generation, model or screen size. Magnetic wrap enclosures help ensure that your tablet remains securely in its case.

Targus iPad cases pass military-grade drop testing and include custom-moulded trays with reinforced corners. Our expertly designed iPad cases also feature audio scoops that direct sound toward an iPad’s user. This feature is helpful for those who are hard of hearing.

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Since 1983, business professionals have counted on Targus for premium-quality computer bags. Targus also offers docking stations, computer accessories and more. We specialise in designing innovative and well-made protective cases, bags and backpacks that suit any lifestyle while providing device protection.

Targus designs its products for a wide range of lifestyles. Whether you’re a commuting student, an on-the-go business professional, or prefer to work from home, there’s a Targus product meant to suit your needs.


Here are some of the Targus frequently asked questions

Should you put a case on your iPad?

Yes, it’s always advisable to have a case protecting your iPad. An iPad case for work can help prevent damage from drops. These cases are also ideal for adding a stylish touch to your iPad. Certain iPad cases from Targus also include convenient stylus holders and openings for cameras and ports. 

Can you put a case on an iPad Pro?

Yes, buying and placing a professional iPad case on an iPad Pro is perfectly safe. You’ll want to ensure your purchased case fits your iPad Pro model. The VersaVu Classic Tablet Case for iPad Pro fits a wide range of these devices. It also features specially designed openings for this device’s ports.

What are rotating tablet cases?

A rotating tablet case displays an iPad correctly regardless of whether someone holds it vertically or horizontally. This type of tablet case is beneficial when switching between portrait or landscape views.

Which iPad case offers the most protection?

Targus iPad cases for work offer superior protection and security for tablets. Plus, our tablet cases are incredibly stylish and available in many colours. Targus iPad cases also offer magnetic wrap closures for additional tablet protection.