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Why office hygiene is vital for flexible workers

Over the last 18 months, we’ve all seen just how important office hygiene is. It’s something many of us never think about - and often our offices a...

Lazy Hacks for a Clean Desk Set-Up

Many of us have become vigilant about hygiene on our daily outings. But as we make the return to hybrid offices and co-working spaces, a new concern is cropping up. How clean is your desk set-up?

How to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

It shouldn’t be a surprise that productivity over the last year has been somewhat erratic. Some people are thriving in the remote work environment with all the freedom it entails. Others are struggling with distractions at home or mental fatigue from the isolation.

Tips for Choosing the Right Protective Laptop Sleeve

Whether you need to be able to work on the go or you’re a busy student making regular trips to class or the library, you’d likely choose a laptop over a desktop computer because of the portability factor. You’ve entrusted your laptop to protect your most important documents and files — but what’s protecting the device itself?

Working and Learning from Home: A Journey toward Productivity

I quickly found that if I wanted to be productive, I needed to make my workspace productive. Even on a student budget...I found myself wanting to sit at my desk instead of dreading it.

Our Favorite 2021 Laptop Backpacks and Bags for Men

The best laptop backpack for men is a multitasker. You can take it to the office during the day, the gym after work, and even on a hike on the week...

Roundup of iPad Cases and Accessories

In 10 short years, the iPad has become an item we can’t live without. We use it to read the news on the daily commute. We hand it to our childr...

Eco-Friendly Ladies Laptop Backpacks and Bags for 2021

Best Targus Laptop Bags for Women At Targus, we make it our mission to boldly challenge convention by bringing you bags that deliver everything you...

Tips for Protecting Your New Devices

So you just got a new tablet or laptop for Christmas — congratulations! You’re probably busy installing new apps and personalising the home screen. Before you go ahead and take your new device on the road, gear up with new iPad cases and other protection essentials to keep your new technology safe.

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