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Top Digital Nomad Gear for Working Abroad

The internet age has completely revolutionised what it means to be a working professional. Offices, while not outdated, aren’t necessary for produc...

Preparing for Summer: What Tech for Travel to Bring on Holiday

Golden beach sands, parasailing, and fresh seafood await you this summer, and you can hardly wait. But before you hit the skies for your next holiday, you’ve got bags to pack. That means it’s time to plan what tech to bring.

The good news is, just because you will be indulging in rest and relaxation doesn’t mean your technology has to stay behind. Your tech, in fact, can easily enhance your trip by allowing you to take, store, and send photos, or even keep an electronic journal of your experiences. The question is, what tech for travel should you focus on bringing on holiday?

Here’s a rundown on the most essential tech for travel and travel tech accessories you’ll need on your next holiday.

Beyond the Work Travel Bag — Best Tech Gear for the Professional on the Go

If you’re a professional who’s constantly on the move, you need tech gear that’s designed for travel. After all, your laptop and other equipment are going to take a lot more abuse than they would if they were stationary in an office. 

First and foremost, you need a sturdy work travel bag. Beyond that, you need the kinds of accessories that will equip you with the necessary privacy, protection, and flexibility you need whether you’re in the office, on the bus, or at a job site.

The Best Teaching Technology for Classrooms

Tech matters in nearly every sector today, and classrooms are no exception. In fact, teaching technology can make the learning experience much more engaging, up-to-date, and beneficial for students of all ages! Read on to learn a bit more about EdTech, the benefits of teaching tech for students and teachers alike, and the types of technology that you can integrate into your classroom. 

The Best iPad Cases for School in the UK

For many students, iPads get used for everything in their classes. Whether you use yours for taking detailed notes or creating a great presentation, a case is a must-have tool for heading back to school. To protect your device and prepare for your next class, check out some of the best of Targus UK’s iPad cases for schools.

Best iPad Cases in the UK for Work

Whether you’re in the office or working remotely, you need unbeatable iPad protection to keep your device safe. Targus UK offers a vast range of ex...

The Best Backpacks for the Gym and Work

Looking to make the most of your day with a backpack that can handle your work and gym material? At Targus UK, we have a variety of the best workout bags that double as both professional work bags and gym bags.

Are you a working professional with an active lifestyle? Take a look at our picks for the best backpacks for both the gym and work.

How green is your eco-friendly bag?

We all want to be eco-friendly. And chances are, if you’ve found this blogpost, you’re doing more than most to help the environment and make the mo...

USB-C vs Lightning: What’s New With the iPad Port

Apple has gradually been shifting its iPad models to use USB-C over the Lightning port that has been standard for a while. Many users are understandably confused, wondering why Apple has done this and whether USB-C is better than Lightning. If you’re in that position, don’t worry! Many people are in the same place.

Luckily, we’re here to guide you through the port change, Apple’s decision for doing so, and the advantages it brings. Let’s jump into this straightforward guide.

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