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Explore our selection of tech gifts for women, including sleek laptop bags and functional accessories. Find her a tech gift that will help her carry, connect, and protect all of her devices and items with ease — all designed by Targus.

Solutions for Success

Targus strives to provide the solutions working professionals, students, and travelers need for success. From laptop bags and tablet cases to tech accessories, Targus offers a vast assortment of quality tech products that are suited to your personal and professional needs. Browse great electronic gifts for her to find the tools that will optimise her workflow.

Designed for All

The selection of products from Targus are designed for all. Whether you need items for school, business, or leisure, Targus has the tech products and accessories to help seamlessly integrate technology into your life. Browse laptop backpacks, docking stations, and more for the perfect tech gifts for women. Visit our Accessory Finder for help finding compatible tech accessories for your devices.

Integrating Tech into Your Life

For over 35 years, Targus has been committed to providing you the innovative solutions you need to seamlessly integrate technology into your life. Our curated collection of products are here to meet your performance, protection, and style needs. For more solutions, read more on our Discover Targus blog. You’ll find an assortment of information about tech, career, travel, and more!

Targus has the tools you need to carry, connect, and protect all of your tech. Explore our collection to find electronic gifts for her or for tools to optimise your own workstation. If you have any questions about your orders, warranties, or have any general questions, feel free to reach out to our Customer Support. We’re always happy to help you find solutions!


Here are some of the Targus frequently asked questions

What Makes a Laptop Bag A Suitable Gift For Her?

When it comes to gifting a woman a stylish laptop bag, consider options like elegant faux leather laptop totes, fashionable laptop backpacks with dedicated compartments, etc. You can check out the selection of tech gifts for women, like sleek laptop bags and functional accessories.

Are There Laptop Bags Designed Specifically For Women?

Many reputable brands offer laptop bags designed to cater to women's preferences. These bags often feature elegant colour palettes, feminine patterns, and thoughtful organizational elements. Gift her a laptop bag from Targus that will let her carry, connect, and protect all devices and items with ease.

How To Choose The Right Laptop Bag As A Gift?

Selecting the perfect laptop bag gift involves considering her personal style, laptop size, and daily routine. The choice of products from Targus is designed for all: school, business, or leisure. You can check out the laptop backpacks, docking stations, etc., for the perfect tech gifts for women.

How To Find Laptop Bags Suitable For Both Fashion-Conscious And Tech-Savvy Women?

Many laptop bags are thoughtfully designed to balance style and functionality. Look for laptop bags that offer robust protection for her tech essentials while complementing her fashion sensibilities. Targus' curated collection includes laptop bags that strike the perfect harmony between fashion-forward design and tech-savvy practicality.