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Having your laptop stolen is the worst. You don’t just lose the laptop itself, but often all the data that was on it too.

Thankfully, if you’re concerned about your laptop being taken, there are tools to prevent it. Say hello to our laptop cable locks, the convenient and effective physical security solution you can get for your computer. With your laptop physically locked down to the table, there’s almost no way anybody but you is leaving with it. And with plenty of options and price points, Targus has the computer cable lock that’s right for you.

Easy to Use Combination Laptop Cable Locks

Among our collection of cable locks are several combination locks that are extremely secure and easy to use. Set up a combination you’ll remember, plug it into your laptop, wrap your cable around something nearby, and your laptop is protected. Combinations are also resettable if you ever need to change them.

Indestructible Key Locks

If you don’t want to deal with remembering combinations, a key lock is the way to go. With these locks, you get two physical keys to unlock the hatch. The only one who will have access to your computer is you.

All-Around Stability

Whatever laptop cable lock you go with, you’re guaranteed top-notch laptop security. You can rest easy using your laptop in public spaces knowing your computer can’t be taken. Check out the security solutions we offer in addition to our computer cable locks, such as webcam covers and privacy screens, and keep your computer and data safe!


Here are some of the Targus frequently asked questions

What is a cable lock, and how does it work?

A cable lock is a security device typically consisting of a flexible steel cable and a locking mechanism. It works by attaching the locking component, such as a lock slot adapter, to an electronic device and securing the cable lock on something nearby, such as a table.

Can cable locks be cut easily or disengaged?

While locks can be cut with the right tools, it is far from easy. These locks will provide a level of security that deters most thieves. Targus cable locks' adhesive can also withstand over 25 kg of force, making them highly secure.

What devices can I secure with a cable lock?

Targus cable slots attach to laptop computers, monitors, desk phones, and other office equipment with the major lock slot formats.

Other Targus cable locks are designed for tablets, MacBook computers, and other devices without a lock slot. Therefore, with a cable lock, you can secure any laptop, docking station, monitor or other valuable device.

Do cable locks come with warranties?

Targus cables come with a 2-year warranty to cover defects in materials or workmanship. Please note that the warranty may apply only to select cables and may only cover the first product purchase.