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Field-Ready Tablet Cases

The technology for top-of-the-line tablets has become increasingly intricate, with the delicate hard drives in pocket computers rivalling the power in desktops of old. Of course, fieldwork is anything but delicate, and when that powerful computing is needed on the spot, there’s no time to search for a nearby office in which to set up shop.

Holsters for Hands-Free Protection

When you’re transforming your tablet into a field-ready mobile work station, the ability to go hands-free can be crucial. A tablet holster makes sure your tablet is safe and easily accessible in any work environment, and its features were designed with you in mind:

  • Slim, low-profile loops that slide easily onto any belt
  • Hands-free accessibility when moving around a job site
  • Simple, durable functionality that works with or without a case
  • Easy compatibility with a wide variety of tablet cases

For added protection in demanding situations, Targus also offers tough tablet cases which are all compatible with our tablet holsters.

Road-Tested Accessories

In addition to offerings of tough, field-tested tablet holsters and cases, Targus offers accessories like the Field Ready Universal Belt, designed to help your device transition seamlessly from hands-free accessibility to handheld operation. Made from the highest quality materials and backed by the innovation that has made Targus the industry leader in technology cases, all of the tough tablet case products from Targus are built to forge the road ahead – even if you’re the one building it.