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15-Inch Laptop Bags

For nearly four decades, Targus has been developing and innovating the most advanced tech accessories on the market, and our 15-inch laptop bags are no exception. We design bags with the features you need, like ergonomic padding, adjustable straps, multi-compartment interiors and mesh protection for all your devices.

Total Style and Sophistication

Our 15-inch laptop cases are as diverse as the people who use them. We have backpacks, messenger bags, briefcases and even convertible options that transform from backpack to briefcase with a few simple adjustments.

We have simple, traditional colours like black and grey as well as bolder options like red, yellow and olive green. Regardless of which model you choose, you can count on a slim, lightweight construction with an emphasis on comfort and design.

Many tech-savvy buyers are drawn to the Newport series. With its low-profile design, durable twill nylon construction and ample room for storage essentials, it’s a versatile buy that translates stylishly from the office to the weekend get-together with friends.

For those looking to save on space, our Pulse sleeves are slim yet durable. Made with rugged external materials and a soft, protective inner-lining, these simple-yet-powerful cases prevent scratches and abrasions while still being small enough to fit into other types of luggage.

From the CityLite series to the Geolite series, Targus has something for everybody.

Purchase Your 15-Inch Laptop Bag

Targus backpacks are protected by a limited lifetime warranty, and each one exceeds industry standards for quality and durability. Browse all of our 15-inch laptop cases, and find the option that suits your needs and style.


Here are some of the Targus frequently asked questions

Do Targus 15-inch laptop bags have padded compartments to protect my laptop?

Yes, our 15-inch laptop bags have ergonomic padding and other features, such as adjustable straps, multi-compartment padded interiors, and mesh protection for your laptop.

Can I fit additional accessories, like a mouse, charger, and documents, in a Targus 15-inch laptop back?

Yes, Targus 15-inch laptop bags usually come with multiple pockets and compartments for accessories. You can easily fit a mouse, charger, documents, and other essentials in these bags.

Are the I5-inch Targus laptop bags water-resistant or waterproof?

Yes, the 15-inch Targus laptop bags are made from water-resistant materials that will protect your equipment from light rain, spills, and moisture. However, avoid submerging them in water with your contents inside.

Should I get a laptop case or skin for my 15-inch laptop?

Laptop cases and skins protect laptops from scratches and minor damage. A case offers more robust protection, while a skin is primarily for aesthetics. The choice depends on your priorities.

What warranty or guarantee does Targus offer on their 15-inch laptop bags?

We offer limited lifetime warranties on our laptop bags. The terms of the warranty might vary by the specific bag. Please check the product details for warranty information.