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Level 1: Basic Protection

Level 2: Integrated Protection

Level 3 : Active Protection

Antimicrobial Protection

We need a new standard in clean for the products we use in our workplaces, schools, and homes. At Targus, we’ve developed a three-level system for our antimicrobial protection, so you can find the protection you need for the things you use every day: Basic Protection, Integrated Protection, and Active Protection.

Why Targus?

Protection is at the heart of what we do at Targus. We want to protect your tech, our planet, and your wellbeing too. As the pandemic eases and people start returning to the wider world, Targus is introducing 3 levels of antimicrobial protection into our products.

Level 1: Basic Protection

Level 1 relies on “barrier” protection. Antimicrobial products such as styluses and keyboard covers provide a protective layer between the user’s fingers and the technology they touch, reducing the risk of contamination. The most frequently touched surfaces are where the most bacterial growth occurs. Our Basic Protection products help reduce the risk from these high-touch surfaces in the simplest ways possible.

Targus 11-12” Newport Sleeve - Black

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Level 2: Integrated Protection

Level 2 uses DefenseGuardTM Antimicrobial Protection. Silver-based antimicrobial agents are infused into products, providing lifelong protection. DefenseGuardTM products are proven to prevent and eliminate 99.9% of bacterial growth. These antimicrobial products from Targus include bags, cases, keyboards, and mice. Don’t worry about durability; DefenseGuardTM products stay clean and intact through washes and wear.

Infused, Not Coated

Unlike post-production coatings and topically applied sprays, DefenseGuard™ is infused into the materials themselves.

Eliminates 99.9%¹ Of Germs

DefenseGuard™ materials have been proven to reduce bacteria by more than 99.9%¹, meaning you can worry less and live more.

Designed for Life

DefenseGuard™ antimicrobial protection by Targus is won't ever wear out or wash off. DefenseGuard™ is designed for life.²

Proven Protection

BPR and EPA compliant, DefenseGuard™ has been independently tested against industry standards. 

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Level 3: Active Protection

Our Level 3 antimicrobial protection uses our CES® 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree award-winning UV-C disinfection system. The Targus UV-C LED Disinfection Light actively eliminates bacteria and viruses from devices with UV light. This low-maintenance automated disinfection system is our most effective antimicrobial solution for the protection of your devices and your health.

Award-Winning Products

No matter which level of protection best suits your needs, Targus remains committed to providing safe, durable protection with award-winning products that keep you healthy. Embrace the future of clean, quality antimicrobial accessories with Targus’ premium selection, available to search by type or by device for your convenience.


¹ Targus Antimicrobial Protection is infused into this product. Independent laboratory testing demonstrated a 99.9% reduction of Staphylococcus aureus (Staph Infection) and Escherichia coli (E. coli) on product surfaces and touchpoints.
² Antimicrobial product protection is limited to the case or device itself.

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