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Staying connected is easier than ever with a USB-C multiport from Targus. We offer USB hubs with multiple ports that can link up to seven devices to your laptop or desktop. With devices that are compatible with all types of USB cables, just one port can ensure more connectivity and communication between your computer and all the other tech you use. Explore our selection of USB hubs to get connected today.

Carry, Connect, and Protect

Since all our accessories are designed to be efficient, innovative and convenient, you can count on each slim USB-C hub multiport adapter to fit in your laptop bags or on your desk with room to spare. No matter where you go, our hubs can go with you to offer a number of benefits including increased data speeds, connecting multiple peripherals, ethernet connection, and AC power adapter capabilities.

Targus strives to provide the tools you need for success. Our durable USB-C multiports, tablet cases, and docking stations are all designed to help you carry, connect, and protect your devices. Whether you’re browsing for school, work, travel, or leisure, Targus has your needs covered.

Convenient Connections

At Targus, we stand behind the design and manufacturing quality of all our accessories, so every product comes with an industry-leading warranty to ensure customer satisfaction. Rely on our hubs today to make work and play easier! A USB-C hub multiport adapter from Targus can seamlessly integrate all of your tech. Check out our Accessory Finder to find more accessories compatible with your devices.

Tools for Success

For over thirty-five years, Targus has been implementing the purposeful solutions you need for success. We’re committed to an insight-driven approach that ensures you have the tools that meet your performance, style, and protection needs in all that you do. Explore the Discover Targus blog for more solutions to your travel, career, and lifestyle needs.


Here are some of the Targus frequently asked questions

What Is the Point of a USB Hub?

A USB hub instantly gives your laptop or desktop computer more usable ports. Targus offers USB hubs compatible with multiple types of USB cables. Whether you need ports for chargers, gamepads, mice, keyboards, or other USB-connected devices, our USB hubs offer all the connectivity you need for a well-equipped workstation.

Which USB Hub Is Good?

We can’t speak for other companies, but we can say that Targus manufactures a wide range of high-quality USB hubs that perfectly suit your lifestyle. Plus, every Targus USB hub includes a limited lifetime warranty because we proudly stand behind our products.

What Are the Different Types of USB Adapters?

There are many popular types of USB adapters. You can base your selection on how many USB ports you need or what types of ports are available. Targus offers USB hubs with USB, USB-A, USB-C, HDMI, Micro SD, SD, audio, and ethernet ports.

How to Use a USB-C Multiport?

Using a USB-C multiport is incredibly easy. First, connect your USB hub to your device of choice. Next, connect your additional USB devices to the hub itself. Then, you’re ready to enjoy your convenient tech setup!