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Targus has the innovative tech solutions you need to optimise your workflow. For over 35 years, Targus has been committed to providing the purposeful tech solutions you need for success. We have an extensive collection of sleek USB Type-C Hubs from Hyper® built to help seamlessly integrate your technology into your personal and professional life. Carry, connect, and protect with Targus.

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Our USB Type-C hubs are designed to ensure that you get your work done. Charge your devices at lightning speed, quickly transfer data, and more for increased productivity. Browse the collection from Hyper® to find the accessory that will help you stay connected to peripherals, USB drives, and more. To find more compatible tech accessories for your laptop and other devices, use our Accessory Finder.

Built for Your Lifestyle

Whether you’re browsing for school, work, travel, or leisure, Targus has the solutions that fit your needs. Browse docking stations and USB-C hub adapters to optimise your workflow, laptop bags to keep your devices protected, or explore new arrivals for the latest accessories. Targus is here to help you carry, connect, and protect all of your technology.

Innovative Solutions for Today

Targus is dedicated to providing you with innovative tech solutions that address the needs of today. As technology continues to advance, our collection of products is here to ensure you have the tools that set you up for success. Browse today to discover solutions that meet your performance, protection, and style needs for your technology.

For more innovative solutions, read more on the Discover Targus blog. It is your source for advice and staying up-to-date for your technology, lifestyle, travel, and career needs.


How can I get more USB-C ports on my Mac?

To get more USB-C ports on your Mac, you’ll need a Macbook USB-C hub. The hub will help you connect more peripherals and devices at once.

Do USB-C hubs work with Macbooks?

Yes, USB-C hubs work with Macbooks. A USB-C hub enables more versatility and connections on your device. They allow you to connect more peripherals to your device, which can help you increase productivity and optimise your workspace.

Can I connect a USB-C hub to my iPad?

Yes, you can connect an Apple USB-C hub to your iPad to enable more connections to your device.

Can I still charge my iPad when my USB-C hub is connected?

Your iPad can still charge when your hub is connected, enabling you to work or play while recharging your device.