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Beyond the Work Travel Bag — Best Tech Gear for the Professional on the Go

July 29, 22
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If you’re a professional who’s constantly on the move, you need tech gear that’s designed for travel. After all, your laptop and other equipment are going to take a lot more abuse than they would if they were stationary in an office. 

First and foremost, you need a sturdy work travel bag. Beyond that, you need the kinds of accessories that will equip you with the necessary privacy, protection, and flexibility you need whether you’re in the office, on the bus, or at a job site.

So without further ado, here are our picks for five essential travel tech accessories for the professional on the go:

15” black work travel bag for laptop

A Work Travel Bag 

If you have a slim laptop or tablet, the 15” Newport Backpack in black is the gold standard for travel laptop cases. This sturdy bag is built with high-density, water-repellent twill nylon and leatherette accents for maximum protection and style in any weather. Padded adjustable shoulder straps and a top handle allow you to carry your bag over your shoulder or by hand — however you prefer. It also attaches easily to rolling luggage for the professional who travels frequently for business.

black tablet holster

A Tablet Holster 

If you carry a tablet for business, you’ll want to invest in a rugged tablet holster, like this Field-Ready Universal 7"-8" Holster. This lightweight holster comfortably holds most 7-8” tablets and even features an additional front pocket for your phone, radio, or other accessories. These types of holsters are popular among construction supervisors, insurance adjusters, electricians, and others who require at-the-ready tablet access in the field. When coupled with a work travel bag for your laptop, it helps to ensure that all of your valuable tech is protected.

thin black cooling mat for laptops

A Laptop Cooling Pad

The Targus Ultraslim Chill Mat is perfect for keeping your laptop cool in any setting, but it’s especially useful for when you actually have to carry the device in your lap, such as in your vehicle, on the bus, or in the field. The mat rests gently on your lap and uses a single fan to provide ventilation and disperse heat. Just plug in the USB connector and let the fan go to work.

privacy screen placed over laptop display

A Privacy Screen

One of the worst things about using your laptop on the go is having to worry about prying eyes looking over your shoulder. That’s where a privacy screen comes in as a critical travel tech accessory. With a quality privacy screen, you can put your worries to rest. Targus privacy screens are designed to block against any angled viewing, so nobody can see your screen except for you. Magnetic attachments make it easy to attach and remove your privacy screen, and the addition of anti-glare and non-reflective technologies help prevent eye strain. Targus privacy screens are even fingerprint-proof.

Black wireless presenter remote

An Air Pointer 

If you travel to different sites to deliver presentations, you’ll want to carry a wireless presenter like the Targus Wireless Air Pointer. This simple remote is equipped with motion-sensing capabilities, so you can seamlessly guide viewers through your presentation with the help of a virtual e-laser. It works with most monitors and projection screens. Store it in your work travel bag, and retrieve it whenever you need to wow an audience. 

We’re Here With On-The-Go Tech Tips 

Want to learn more about prepping for work on the go? Be sure to browse our blog for even more tips on how to get the most from your travel tech accessories! At Targus, we’re dedicated to making sure professionals have the tech they need to do their work efficiently and effectively, no matter where they are.

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