What You Need for Online University Classes

What You Need for Online University Classes

With our current cultural environment changing so drastically in 2020, the class schedules and online curriculum being positioned as the new normal mean adjusting your home computer for school and your home office workstation. Finding the best tech solutions for the world of academia, laptops for the collegiate experience or even the best backpack for university life can be challenging, especially if you’re making the shift to online platforms.

How does the shift to online university classes change your need for tech solutions? Here’s what you need to know for online university learning:

Adaptability and Portability

Finding a computer for university studies has traditionally prioritised mobility over functionality, with the ability to move between classroom settings and to complete assignments being the two most important things. Today, with more university classes than ever taking place online, the requirements for your school computer are transforming and the accessories are becoming even more important than before.

Here’s a breakdown of the needs for online university classes as you search for the perfect university laptop solution:

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  • Flexibility: Online classes are versatile but also mean that you might be working from home, hotel, office, or library depending on the day. Make sure you have solid solutions for data, power, and connectivity wherever you are.
  • Productivity: You’re doing more with your computer these days than taking notes and writing essays. A docking station will help you boost your productivity with more accessories or even a second monitor.
  • Portability: Sure, you’re taking classes online, but that doesn’t mean portability is no longer important. If you feel like studying at the library or going on holiday, you still need the ability to easily transport your computer, textbooks, notebooks and supplies. Having the best backpack for online university life requires durability and internal organisation. Make sure your laptop bag or backpack is suited for mobility, ease of use, and storing all your peripheral devices securely and for easy access.

Find the Ideal Solution for You

At the end of the day, the best solution is the one that works for your setting and circumstances. At Targus, we’re committed to helping you find the ideal computer accessories for school, remote work, and everything in between. Shop the latest work from home accessories, laptop accessories, and more to build the ideal setup to match your needs.