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Our Favourite Christmas Gift Ideas for Techies

November 03, 21
Our Favourite Christmas Gift Ideas for Techies

If there’s one word to describe tech lovers, it’s picky. That’s not their own fault, though. Tech often relies on a lot of parts that need to be compatible to work. That iPad case may not be the right size, or that dock may not support your laptop. So, when you’re shopping for techies, you either need to know exactly what you’re looking for or get something you know will work with anything.

Luckily, here at Targus, there’s no shortage of great computer accessory gift ideas around the corner. Here are some of our favourites!

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Cypress Backpack with EcoSmart®

The Cypress line is one of the most versatile backpack lines around. That versatility is what makes it one of the best Christmas ideas for techies.

You can get the Hero backpack for a sleek, comfortable-to-carry pack that keeps your baggage light. Or, you can opt for the Security backpack for unbeatable protection of your belongings. There’s also a Convertible option if you want to give something as professional as it is effective.

All options come in amazing shades of grey or black, have a special compartment for storing 15.6” laptops, and are built with EcoSmart®. They’re striking, secure, and environmentally-smart bags with something for everyone.

Compact Wired Multimedia Qwerty Keyboard

No computer accessory gift ideas list would be complete without a good keyboard. If you have to be typing all day, you may as well be doing it on a keyboard that feels as smooth as butter.

This keyboard is both smooth and compact to minimise your finger movement and the strain that comes with it. But the really great thing about this Christmas idea for techies is its portability. Low-profile keys, a lightweight design, and a numpad-less layout make it the perfect travel keyboard. Taking up very little room in a backpack, this nifty accessory will be yet another quality addition in a professional’s mobile workstation.

Home workstation with Christmas gift ideas for techies

USB-C Docking Station

A proper home office shouldn’t limit itself to a laptop form factor. With our USB-C 4K HDMI docking station, you can transform your laptop into a proper desktop workstation.

With 100W PD Pass-Thru, HDMI, ethernet, USB-A, and USB-C ports, this dock properly connects any USB-C device to all its accessories in one go. Plug in your laptop and boom: it’s a desktop now! Plus, with 4K support, your giftee can set up their workstation with top-tier monitors. The Gigabit ethernet port is also capable of the fastest speeds around. With this Christmas idea for techies, you’re offering an all-in-one accessory bundle.

Plenty of Options

If you don’t fancy any of the options above for your techie Christmas idea, that’s okay! Backpacks, keyboards, and docking stations are good starting points, but they aren’t necessarily for everyone. There are plenty of other options on our site for you to look through that can make for amazing computer accessory gift ideas.

No matter what, if you put in your best effort for gift hunting, your recipient will likely appreciate it. Look through our wide selection and hunt down that perfect present!

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