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Antimicrobial Case, Bag, Keyboard, and Mouse Protection

Here at Targus, we want to offer you all the choices you need for secure and safe gear. We have a range of integrated protection options, including keyboards, mice, tablet covers, and bags, so you can enjoy your devices without fear of contamination.

Why Targus Integrated Protection is the Way to Go

DefenseGuard™ Technology

The integrated protection we offer for our products, such as our antimicrobial bags and antimicrobial keyboard and mouse options, incorporate our revolutionary DefenseGuard™ technology. Infused with silver-based antimicrobial agents, the BPA and EPA compliant materials we use eliminate 99.9% of microbial growth on product surfaces.

Incredible Durability

Our DefenseGuard products are quality tested and proven to secure bags, cases, keyboards, and mice from germs without wearing away or washing off. Unlike topical sprays that have to be reapplied frequently, our products always remain as clean as the day you purchased them.

Superb Product Assurance

All of our antimicrobial products, such as our antimicrobial keyboard and mouse lines, are engineered to last, and we want to guarantee it. That’s why we include a limited two-year warranty with our peripherals, and a limited lifetime warranty with our cases, bags, and backpacks. If your antimicrobial case or other product doesn’t meet our quality guarantee, contact us and we’ll make it right. When you shop with Targus, you’re ensuring your devices stay secure.