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Tips for Protecting Your New Devices

December 15, 20
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So you just got a new tablet or laptop for Christmas — congratulations! You’re probably busy installing new apps and personalising the home screen. Before you go ahead and take your new device on the road, gear up with new iPad cases and other protection essentials to keep your new technology safe.

Accessories for Tablets

Tablets provide unlimited freedom for on-the-go use at school, work, home, and on the daily commute. However, this also makes them vulnerable to damage from drops and bumps. Tablet-specific protective accessories provide peace of mind as you begin to enjoy this high-value gift.

Screen Protector

The most popular feature of tablets and iPads is their interactive touch-screen capabilities — opening up new horizons for creatives as well as effortless navigation in the moment. Once you’ve taken your device out of the packet, keep that new-out-of-the-box sparkle and shine with a screen protector. While you’re shopping around for new iPad cases, it’s worth investing in a high-quality screen protector for your iPad or other tablet that’ll provide the scratch resistance you need while maintaining visual clarity and complete sensitivity to touch.

Tablet Case

A screen protector will keep your screen nice and smudge-free, but it won’t protect your tablet from falls. Ensure a long life for your product and enhance ergonomics with new iPad and tablet cases designed to keep your device safe. Among the features currently available, consider the following life-ready features:

  • Click-in application
  • Magnetic closure
  • Adjustable stand
  • Rotating stand
  • Built-in keyboard
  • Sleep/wake function
  • Slim design
  • Rugged construction

Consider your lifestyle and what you need most from your case. This will help you choose the right one for you.

Tablet Sleeve

If you’re planning on carting your tablet around along with a laptop in your laptop bag, a tablet-sized sleeve provides an additional layer of protection to prevent your tablet and new iPad cases from scratching your laptop. Be sure to buy a sleeve that fits your tablet’s exact dimensions for maximum protection and comfort.

Accessories for Laptops

Compared to an iPad or tablet, laptops tend to be on the pricier side and can break very easily when dropped. Ensure longevity and optimal functioning with a laptop bag that can cushion your laptop against falls. Our collections of laptop bags and sleeves come specifically-designed for your lifestyle and the size of your screen — making it easier than ever to protect this very generous gift.

Find Everything You Need at Targus

From new iPad cases to cables and more, Targus stocks all of the accessories you need to enjoy your devices and keep them safe. Founded in 1983, we’ve become a global leader in tech innovation and continue to pioneer innovative bags and accessories. Use the Targus Accessory Finder to find accessories that are made for your new laptop or tablet and enjoy free shipping with orders of £50 and above.

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