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Top Digital Nomad Gear for Working Abroad

July 29, 22
digital nomad on laptop sitting on a cobblestone road

The internet age has completely revolutionised what it means to be a working professional. Offices, while not outdated, aren’t necessary for productivity. That means that many are choosing to not only work from home, but also to work abroad. Unbound by workplace locations, a new kind of professional has emerged: the digital nomad.

But when the entire world is your office, you’ll need to plan out what you’ll need for your adventures. Here’s the top gear for your life as a digital nomad.

1. Cypress 15.6” Convertible Backpack with EcoSmart® — Black

Convertible Backpack Black

Second to their computer, the most important gear for a digital nomad is their bag. Since it’s going to be something that sticks with them for years, it’s important that it’s versatile, functional, and looks good.

That’s where this convertible bag comes in. With hidden straps and a removable sling, it can swap between a backpack and a briefcase. Keep it in briefcase mode to get it in and out of the overhead compartment of your plane with ease, then pull the backpack straps out to carry your bag comfortably on the way to your hotel. Plus, with its sleek design, it fits right into the minimalist aesthetic that digital nomad life is known for!

2. USB-C to 4-Port USB-A Hub

Portable USB Hub Silver

Without a desktop workstation, functionality can become limited when travelling. That’s why having this portable USB hub in your digital nomad gear list is crucial. Whether you’re plugging in recording equipment or editing video from external hard drives, you’ll have the ports you need for the work you’re doing — all in a compact, travel-friendly package compatible with modern USB-C technology. 

3. Antimicrobial Folding Ergo Keyboard

folding ergo keyboard as digital nomad gear

Set up your portable workstation properly with this folding keyboard. Not only does it feature an ergonomic layout, but with its hinge in the centre, it folds for easy packing. It’s also antimicrobial, fighting microbial growth on its surface with our infused DefenseGuard™ protection.

4. Cord-Storing Optical Mouse

Cord Storing Optical Mouse

Expertly fitting into both office commuter and digital nomad gear necessities, this compact wired mouse is designed for portability without requiring batteries. Instead, it’s powered over a USB cord that retracts inside the mouse. Both travel-friendly equipment and minimising waste are staples of digital nomad life, and this mouse embraces both.

The Adventure Begins with Targus UK

Once you have these core essentials, it’s time to pack the bag and get on the road. However, consider what other accessories and devices your profession needs in addition to your laptop — like microphones, video recorders, or tablet accessories — and see what alterations you might need to make to your gear list. There might be more essentials you can’t do your work without.

Today’s digital nomad gear is a cut above everything made so far. If you’re an experienced nomad, it’s time to upgrade — and if you’re just entering the world of digital nomadic life, then it’s time to prepare for the adventure with help from Targus UK!

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