Targus Field Ready Universal Belt Large w/o holster - 38-54"/96-137cm – Targus UK

Field Ready Universal Belt Large w/o holster - 38-54" / 96-137cm

Model Number:
  • Strong adjustable belt for Targus tablet Holster THZ711GLZ or THZ712GLZ
  • Large size adjustable 38" to 54" (96-137cm)
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Compatible with virtually any phone or tablet holster, the Targus Field-Ready Universal Belt provides convenient, easy carrying for Targus Field-Ready cases. Designed for universal appeal, the sleek nylon webbing coordinates with Targus holsters as well as any uniform or attire. The durable metal buckle delivers smooth, easy release for speedy on-off.

Whether you're at a job site, in the field, or looking to support anywhere/anytime multitasking, the Targus Universal Belt keeps your phone or tablet secure, convenient and at the ready.

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