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iPad Air 4th Gen

The iPad Air (4th Generation) made a major impact on the way that Apple users and non-Apple users viewed tablets as a whole. It’s lighter (both in terms of its thin design as well as its functionality) and faster than previous iterations that Apple has served up, with many internal upgrades users will love. Of course, being lighter also lends itself to the potential for damage, and you may want to upgrade your old accessories to match your new device. The good news? You can find iPad Air 4th gen cases and accessories here at Targus!

All the Gear You Need for Your iPad

Protect your iPad with gear designed specifically for your tablet. Whether you’re looking for a classic case that offers 4’ drop protection to prevent accidents or a more robust iPad case with reinforced corners that guard against impact, you’re sure to find an iPad Air 4th gen case that meets your needs.

If you need further support to make your iPad experience the best, you can shop iPad Air 4th gen accessories with us as well! There’s no such thing as too many lightning cables to make sure you’re never caught unprepared when you need a charge.

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