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Travelling With a Laptop: A Complete Guide

June 28, 24
A person walking down a street and travelling with a laptop

A crucial feature of laptops is their mobility. A laptop enables you to communicate, work, or play games from nearly any location. So, it’s understandable if you want to go on a voyage with your trusty laptop at your side.

Travelling with a laptop might seem stressful—but it doesn’t have to be! Let Targus help you discover everything from packing your computer to taking a laptop through airport security.

Having a High-Quality Laptop Bag

As you travel with a laptop, the right bag can help prevent device damage after accidentally dropping your luggage. Targus designs its laptop bags, briefcases, and backpacks to suit your modern lifestyle perfectly.

A new laptop bag or backpack from Targus is much more than something stylish. The experts at Targus utilise industry-leading innovation and cutting-edge technology to design and manufacture backpacks, bags, and all other items in our incredible product range.

Our wealth of laptop bags can fit a wide range of device sizes, ensuring you have peace of mind and that your laptop will remain snugly in place. You’ll also enjoy intuitive and convenient spaces for cables, cords, docking stations, and other must-have laptop accessories

Keeping Your Laptop Close By

Most laptop computers are valuable, especially in locations known for lower-quality electronics. Unfortunately, that situation often makes these devices targets for any would-be thieves. One of the best ways to avoid someone swiping your laptop is by keeping it on your person.

Whether travelling with a laptop by air, land, or sea, never walk away from the device. Instead, have it by your side at all times. Additionally, try to avoid using your laptop publicly in extremely crowded areas. This tip can also help protect any confidential information from prying eyes.

Designating Your Laptop as a Carry-On Item

If travelling by flight, you can carry certain items (including laptops) in your carry-on luggage, which goes on your flight with you. However, when travelling with a laptop, always avoid placing it in your checked baggage.

Instead of remaining safely by your side, checked luggage often goes through rougher transportation and handling processes than carry-on baggage. Placing your laptop in any checked luggage risks potential damage to your computer.

Taking a Laptop Through Airport Security

A person waiting with a backpack at a train station

Dreading a slowly moving airport security queue is understandable. You may also feel additional stress if you’re unsure how to travel with a laptop through a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) line.

Thankfully, there’s no need to worry about putting your laptop on an x-ray equipment conveyor. X-ray equipment used in airport security lines generates magnetic fields. However, this magnetic energy is not powerful enough to damage your laptop. 

Metal detectors aren’t so laptop-friendly. Fortunately, when taking a laptop through airport security, you can request that a TSA employee hand checks it instead of using a metal detector.

Using a Virtual Private Network

Having a laptop helps keep you connected. However, from attending a virtual meeting to streaming your favourite shows, these activities typically require some form of internet access.

Unfortunately, public wi-fi networks might not always be an option depending on where you travel. If they are accessible, these networks may not offer the bandwidth and speed you require. Some public wireless internet hubs are also popular among tech-savvy scammers who are eager to obtain the personal information of others.

Many modern travellers use virtual private networks (VPNs) for fast and worry-free internet access. Choosing a VPN also lets you bypass slow and sometimes dangerous public networks.

person watching a train arrive while wearing a backpack

Bringing a Charger Converter When Travelling With a Laptop

Most people focus on exploring new destinations or revisiting their favourite locations while planning a trip. However, take a moment to find out if your destination of choice uses different electrical outlets than what you rely on at home.

If you’re travelling with a laptop outside of your country, you may soon see outlets you’ve never seen before.

Another risk of using international outlets involves voltage. For instance, the European standard input voltage is 220 to 240 volts. However, North America uses a much lower voltage range of 110 to 120 volts. Using an outlet that’s too powerful for your charging cable could damage your laptop.

Fortunately, you can avoid the voltage and charging-related issues with a charger converter. These handy items ensure your laptop receives the proper amount of power.

We hope you’re ready for a year full of incredible holidays. And now, you know all the necessary tips for a safe and enjoyable time while travelling with a laptop. Need to find the right laptop bag before your next getaway? Shop the amazing selection of laptop backpacks, travel bags, briefcases, roller bags, messenger bags, and more from Targus.

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