Targus Work + Play™ Racquets 15.6" Laptop Backpack - Black/Yellow

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  • The first ever combination Laptop, Work and Sports backpack (28L)
  • Dedicated laptop compartment for screen sizes up to 15.6"
  • A separate, adjustable outer pocket for up to two racquets and protective sleeves for the racquet handles
  • Specially designed pockets to hold tennis balls, squash balls or shuttlecocks
  • A padded top handle, shoulder straps and ventilated back cushioning ensure comfort
  • Dedicated section to keep your clothing and includes a detachable laundry bag
  • Lined and ventilated side compartment, designed for transporting work or sports shoes
  • Separate compact washbag to keep your toiletries and essential wash accessories organised
  • Plenty of pockets, including two for water bottles and a soft-lined, internal zipped pouch to protect your small valuables
  • The smart way for commuting professionals to carry their laptop, work accessories and sports gear, together
  • Limited lifetime warranty
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The Targus Work + Play™ “Racquets” Backpack is ideal for active professionals who happen to love racquet sports. Intelligently designed, with three dedicated compartments for your laptop (up to 15.6”), work accessories and sports gear, it is as versatile and adaptable as you are. It is your Work/Life Balance in just one bag.

Really Lift your Game. Tennis, Squash, Badminton… whatever racquet sports you choose, you can now carry all of your sports and work accessories with ease.  This is the laptop and sports backpack that serves up the aces.

First serve: a super flexible outer compartment pocket that can carry up to two racquets, snugly and securely and includes protective sleeves for the racquet handles.

Second serve: a set of specially designed pockets to hold your shuttlecocks, squash balls or tennis balls.

And finally, the unmatched point: a winning capacity to store your laptop and work accessories at the same time as your sports gear. So that’s game, set and match to the Targus Work + Play™ “Racquets” backpack.  Carry your laptop (up to 15.6”), work accessories and racquet sports gear, together.  Lightweight, hardwearing, intelligently designed for professionals with active lifestyles.

Get ready for action. You get the tech protection promise that has made Targus the market leader in its category. Together with the generous capacity you need and a dedicated section to keep your clothing, there’s even a ventilated side compartment designed for transporting your work or sports shoes. It’s a real game changer.

Targus Work + Play™ Racquets 15.6" Laptop Backpack - Black/Yellow - video 1
Play Video - Targus Work + Play™ Racquets 15.6
Targus Work + Play™ Racquets 15.6" Laptop Backpack - Black/Yellow - video 1
Play Video - Targus Work + Play™ Racquets 15.6
Space for Your Racquets

Space for Your Racquets

Comfortably carry your racquets in the dedicated compartment complete with sleeves to protect your handles, and easily find balls and shuttlecocks in specially designed pockets.

Accessories to Keep You (and Your Clothes) Clean

A place for everything and everything in its place. The Work+Play backpack comes with a separate laundry bag for your dirty gym kit and a detachable wash bag for hitting the showers.

Dedicated Shoe Compartment

Dedicated Shoe Compartment

Keep your loafers or your heels clean and your trainers away from your shirts with this handy compartment for your shoes.

Targus-Grade Protection

We’ve built our reputation on keeping your tech safe. The laptop and smartphone compartments are specially lined and cushioned to protect your tech.

Targus-Grade Protection
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