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Lea Baltzinger: Zealous Advocate of The Targus Team

From growing up in a small town in France to travelling abroad in the pursuit for higher education, grasp how Lea developed her passion for HR, copes with a dynamic environment, and successfully manages her ever-changing role at Targus.

Ron DeCamp: The Technological Maverick of Targus Talks CES 2019

Technology is ever-changing, and Targus is pushing the boundaries even further with innovative, first of its kind tech. Ron DeCamp, the Vice President of Global Product Management and Development at Targus, recently provided a glimpse at what he and his team have been working on and what to expect at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Planes, trains and automobiles: the importance of privacy and data security

The fact is that 'shoulder-surfing' or 'visual hacking' is a threat to organisational data that is just as serious as any other, and not one to be ...

How businesses can avoid the ‘digital deadlock’, drive productivity and engage workforces

With working environments constantly adapting to maximise the benefits of new technologies, more and more organisations are in the process of digit...

Case Study: Financial Services Compensation Scheme deploys Targus technology to underpin workplace transformation

    The FSCS protects customers when authorised financial services firms fail, providing a safeguard for the public who maybe left in arrears becau...

Case Study: Staffordshire County Council boosts employee satisfaction through a ‘smart working’ rollout

    "Since launching our Smart Working project, staff are no longer restricted to their desks. They are free to work anywhere around the office, a...