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Antimicrobial Sprays and More: The Different Types of Antimicrobial Protection

October 15, 21
Disinfecting hands with spray

Antimicrobial product use is on the rise in the tech industry, with a variety of sprays, antimicrobial UV lights, and other antimicrobial devices gaining widespread usage. There are even accessories with built-in antimicrobial technology now, such as Targus’ DefenseGuard™.

Because many people use their devices without washing them, they become havens for microbial growth. Here is your guide to the different types of protection against that growth at your disposal.


The most common antimicrobial products are sanitisers. They’re generally safe for food-contact surfaces like countertops or desks, but some may be reserved for non-food contact surfaces. Most sanitisers will come in the form of antimicrobial sprays, liquids, or gels.

Sanitisers effectively eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria, which is considered by many to be good enough for home use. So, whether you’re at home wiping off the bathroom counter or pulling out your hand sanitiser bottle throughout the day, sanitising products are what you are going to end up relying on the most.


The next type of antimicrobial is disinfectants, which are effective against bacteria, fungi, and certain viruses. They’re also stronger than sanitisers, capable of eliminating 100% of targeted contaminants. Disinfectants are the antimicrobials of choice for keeping a house as clean as possible, and they’re even powerful enough to be used in cleaning some medical settings. However, they can’t be used in food prep areas like sanitisers can. Antimicrobial sprays, antimicrobial UV lights, and more can function as disinfectants.

Disinfectants offer the best of both worlds: they’re incredibly effective while still being safe for everyday use. You may not be able to use them as liberally as sanitisers, but they’re also much more potent.

Disinfecting phone with a disinfecting wipe


Sterilisers are the most powerful antimicrobial products available, capable of killing spores in addition to bacteria, algae, and fungi. However, they’re often restricted-use pesticides that require applicator training and certifying. These aren’t your average antimicrobial devices lying around the house.

You’re not going to find antimicrobial sprays or pocket-sized gels in this category, as it’s reserved mostly for medical use. Because of that, you’ll generally want to steer clear of sterilisers. Sanitisers and disinfectants are going to be your go-to defences.

Use Responsibly and You’re All Set

Protection against microbial spread goes beyond just using antimicrobial sprays, lights, and sterilising chemicals. Targus carries product lines of both barrier and integrated protection to ensure your gear has durable and effective antimicrobial defence.

For any more questions about our antimicrobial technology, feel free to contact us and see how our antimicrobial products can help you!

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