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Universal Silicone Keyboard Covers and Styluses

If you’re looking for proper barrier protection, then you’ve come to the right place. Targus provides a myriad of barrier protection essentials, from keyboard covers to capacitive touch screen styluses. If you’re not familiar with barrier protection, it’s simple: they’re products that reduce the need to touch potentially contaminated surfaces, offering basic “hands-off” protection.

With sanitary tech becoming a growing concern, it’s reassuring to know that there are products dedicated to keeping your tech microbe-free, so you can use your electronics safely. Find the perfect fit for your needs when you shop with Targus UK.

What Targus Offers

Thorough Security

Our barrier protection essentials, including universal silicone keyboard covers, are deliberately designed for minimal contact with contaminated surfaces, drastically reducing any possible microbial spread. Keep using your favourite tech while keeping it sanitary.

Elegant Style

Our barrier protection products aren’t just about eliminating microbes. They also come in a plethora of aesthetics so that, like Targus’ other products, you can get the look you want. Fight off microbial growth and look good doing it.

Looking for other stylish and effective antimicrobial products? Explore Targus’ products with DefenseGuard™ technology. Infused with silver-based antimicrobial agents, this range of backpacks, tablet covers, and peripherals features sleek designs with lifetime protection against microbial growth.

The Targus Guarantee

We at Targus want to ensure you stay safe and protected. That’s why we have a limited lifetime warranty on all of our cases and bags, and you can have peace of mind if anything happens. Browse the Targus selection, and you’ll be sure to find the right barrier protection, whether it be universal silicone keyboard covers or capacitive touch screen styluses, so you can keep your tech clean and functional.