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Drifter Collection

At Targus, we’re pleased to offer an unparalleled selection of rugged laptop backpacks that prioritise both cutting-edge design and outstanding durability. The Drifter Collection offers an ideal pairing of form and function in a number of rugged laptop bags ideal for work, travel and everywhere in between.

High-Performance Details

Each of the rugged laptop backpacks in the Drifter Collection is designed to accommodate a variety of uses. Tech-ready details like USB pass-through power ports allow on-the-go charging, while interior and exterior pockets support convenient access to devices. Straps are ergonomically designed to promote comfort and good posture during carrying, and features like air mesh back panels help facilitate airflow and lumbar support. Lightweight and weather-resistant materials make each of the backpacks in the Drifter Collection an ideal choice for a range of climates, with products you can look forward to using comfortably all year round.

Discover the Best Rugged Laptop Bags at Targus

We invite you to explore the Drifter Collection to discover the perfect laptop bag for you. In addition to offering an array of top-tier products, all of our rugged laptop backpacks and cases are protected by a limited lifetime warranty.