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Ideal for shrinking desktops and tight spaces, the Docking Station VESA Mount frees your desk from additional clutter. Easily attach the bracket to your VESA-compatible monitor or Ergo arms with the four included mounting screws. Two additional mounting screws are then screwed into the bottom of your compatible Targus dock, allowing it to effortlessly slide onto the mounting bracket in a vertical or horizontal position.

Designed for monitors with 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm VESA size and compatible with select Targus docks (DOCK182, DOCK190, DOCK220, DOCK221, DOCK310, DOCK430, DOCK520, and DOCK570).

Upgrade & Upcycle: Benefits Today

Clean Workspace: Say goodbye to cable clutter and desk disarray. The Targus VESA Mount allows you to tuck your docking station and cables neatly behind your monitor, freeing up valuable desk space.

Enhanced Connectivity: Wherever you’re working, keep your essential peripherals connected to your docking station without the mess. Enjoy seamless connectivity and quick access to your devices.

Benefits Tomorrow

Endless Adaptability: Compatible with a huge range of monitors, docking stations and monitor arms, the Targus VESA Mount is designed for a modularity, evolving with your ever-changing technology needs.

Future-Proofed Savings: Spend less and do more. The infinitely adaptable Targus VESA Mount combines your existing kit into a smarter, sleeker system without the expense of brand-new tech.

Benefits for Good

Reduce e-Waste: Taking a modular approach, the Targus Vesa Mount repurposes your existing tech, allowing you to only upgrade the things you need to without replacing the things you don’t.

Made to Last: With extensive compatibility and seemingly endless configurations, the Targus VESA mount is designed to work with the tech you have now and the tech you’ll have in the future, so you’ll never need another docking mount.

  • Works With
    Targus docks: DOCK182, DOCK190, DOCK220, DOCK221, DOCK310, DOCK430, DOCK520 and DOCK570 (sold separately)
  • Colour
  • Dimensions
    31 x 14.9 x 2.2 cm
  • Weight
    0.47 kg
  • Warranty
    Limited 3-Year Warranty
  • EAN
  • Country of Origin
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