5 Laptop Gadgets That Add Incredible Features

5 Laptop Gadgets That Add Incredible Features

Whether you’re on the clock or heading out for some leisure time, Targus UK has curated a collection of some of the coolest laptop gadgets that provide convenience, better operation and ease of use for your computer. Explore how our favourite tech can enhance your laptop’s features and help you be more productive! Check out our roundup of top products here.

1. Laptop Charger

Most people believe that they can find an outlet anywhere they go, so they don’t bother carrying an extra charging accessory for their laptop. If you’re a frequent traveller, you know the pain of needing to work, but not having access to a wall outlet. Don’t get stuck without enough battery life for your computer ever again. Our laptop charger is compatible with most major laptop brands and can also charge your USB powered tablet at the same time! Slim and lightweight, this laptop gadget is designed to go anywhere you do.

2. Privacy Screen

laptop privacy screen

At first glance, a magnetic privacy screen may sound like a laptop gadget only needed by serious business folk working in public. But when you look closely at the added benefits of using a privacy screen, you’ll see how this simple attachment can improve a number of daily activities. Aside from its primary function of blocking onlookers from seeing your data on screen, these privacy screens also double as a fingerprint-proof screen protector as well. On top of that, each privacy screen contains both a blue light filter and anti-glare technology to maximise eye comfort while reading.

3. Wireless Presenter

While wireless presenter remotes are a necessary tool for school professors or office executives, there are actually many scenarios where they add convenience for everyday laptop use. For teaching, a laser attachment is a great way to highlight important points, while Keylock™ Technology ensures you don’t accidentally click the wrong button. But when you’re hanging out around the house, you can use your wireless presenter to skip through music selections, adjust volume or pause your videos from 15 metres away! With 2.4GHz cordless technology, you don’t have to rely on your wireless mouse to control your multimedia.

4. Docking Station

universal docking station laptop gadget

This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the one laptop gadget that provides ultimate functionality with added features for your devices. Docking stations are the ticket to connecting your laptop with external devices in ways you could never imagine. Many laptops these days are constructed with limited USB ports and typically have no ethernet port due to built-in wireless internet receivers. As if that weren’t enough, some laptops don’t even have an HDMI port at all. With a docking station, you can add numerous USB ports for extra peripherals and you can display your screen across multiple monitors. Some models have an ethernet port to connect directly to your internet router and there are typically headphone ports as well. One docking station can transform your entire workflow to a higher state of efficiency.

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