Best Computer Accessories for Extending Product Life

Best Computer Accessories for Extending Product Life

Whether you’re concerned about the safety of your smartphone for work or you want to ensure your home laptop lasts as long as possible, Targus UK has the tools you need to support the lifespan of your tech. With accessories and protective gear designed with you in mind, we provide a range of unique options for defending screens, casing and battery life. Check out our curated list of the best computer accessories for laptop longevity.

1. Laptop Bags

While colour and style can definitely help you make a decision about which laptop bag you want, our patented protection systems are the real heroes! Each of our laptop bags and backpacks offer premium protection and rugged capabilities to ensure your laptop’s longevity even during the toughest commutes or on the dirtiest job sites. As one of the best computer accessories at Targus UK, these bags provide maximum protection for your most important device.

2. Computer Cases/Sleeves

laptop sleeve for an apple laptop

While a computer bag offers you comfortable carrying for your devices, you may want to supplement its protection with a durable computer case or sleeve. Add that extra layer of protection for your computer after any drop or hit with sleeves that are made from premium durable materials. Some of our cases also include elastic corners, extra padding, top load designs and additional pockets to hold all your best computer accessories and paperwork.

3. Screen Protectors

What’s more important than your tablet screen? Nothing! Defend against scratches and residue with one of our powerful screen protectors. Once applied, these tablet accessories safeguard your screens with a scratch-resistant layer that’s also fingerprint and smudge-proof. Even better, our screens have anti-glare features and touch capabilities for optimal clarity and responsiveness.

4. Cleaning Pad

targus cleaning accessories for laptop screens

Keeping your computer clean is one of the top ways to guarantee functionality in the long term. At Targus UK, we offer plenty of protective accessories, but we’re also proud to bring you a convenient, easy to use cleaning pad that you can take anywhere. It fits in the palm of your hand and stays put during cleaning with a durable handle. Slip it into one of the many pockets on our laptop backpacks to take it with you wherever your computer goes.

Find The Best Computer Accessories At Targus

At Targus UK, we know that your tech is an integral part of everyday life. We strive to think of everything you may need to keep your computers and tablets safe and functional for as long as possible. Choose our innovative technology and recognised patents to protect your computer today!