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Accessories That Enhance Tablet Features

May 02, 20
Woman Using iPad

The modern tablet is an extraordinary device. But if you’re like most users, odds are you’re not using your tablet to its full potential. To help you maximise your tablet’s capabilities, we’ve curated a few of our favourite accessories for tablets. Whether your primary usage is for work, at home, for educational applications, or just about anything else, learning how to make the most of your tablet features can be a tremendous benefit. Read on to discover some of our most essential tablet accessories and what makes them great.

Stylus Pens

Among the most beloved and versatile accessories for tablets, stylus pens enable you to get in touch with your tablet in a completely different way. Ideal for work and school applications, stylus pens allow you to use your tablet more like a notebook or drafting surface. This makes styluses a perfect match for tablet features that are more delicate or require more precision, such as marking up documents, making detailed edits to an image, or taking notes by hand rather than typing.

Targus In-Car Mount for iPad Tablets

Tablet Mounts

It’s no secret that tablets are designed for use on the go, but this quality often goes underexplored in transit. In-car tablet mounts are a great way to turn your tablet into a mobile entertainment device. They can be easily and securely fastened to the backs of front-seat headrests for viewers in the backseat, maximising access while minimising the risk of dropping or damage. Among modern accessories for tablets, this is a favourite among carpoolers and families.

Cables and Adapters

While it might sound obvious, having the right cables and adapters can make or break your tablet user experience. Many tablet features rely on consistent power and can swiftly drain your battery, making high-powered adapters essential. Reliable cords designed to fit your specific device are vital to travelling and commuting with your tablet, and make connecting to a home or office docking station a breeze.

Targus Stylus for Touchscreen in Blue

Make the Most of Your Tablet at Targus

For an unrivalled selection of accessories for tablets, explore the latest products at Targus. If you have an iPad and you’re not sure which version you have, take advantage of our simple guide to ensure compatibility across devices. We also encourage you to browse our selection of tablet cases, all of which are protected by a limited lifetime warranty. Discover more tablet features and how to make the most of them with exceptional technology and products from Targus.

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