Productivity Technology: Organisation Tools for Work

Productivity Technology: Organisation Tools for Work

For individuals aiming to expand their productivity and performance, having the right products at your fingertips can make all the difference. From multi-platform productivity technology to connective devices, each element of your workstation can play a role in making your life harder or easier (though we’re infinitely partial to the latter). Here are just a few of our favourite organisation tools for work, for every work style and industry:

  • Docking Stations

    Whether you’re working from home or maximising your professional office set-up, the right docking station can completely transform your workspace. By organising your cables and wires into a single zone – and ensuring that they stay properly powered and connected to your central device – your laptop or desktop can become a powerfully integrated computing hub at work, home, or on the go.

  • USB Hubs

    Targus USB-C Multi-Port Hub

    Much like docking stations, USB hubs dominate the productivity technology sphere. With an intuitive, compact design, multi-port hubs are easy to stow and transport, making them ideal organisation tools for work and even during the commute. We offer a number of hub variations, compatible across a broad range of devices.

  • Cables, Wires, and Adapters

    Having the wrong cables and wires – or even outdated versions – can do more harm than good when it comes to productivity technology. Our selection of cables and adapters prioritise minimalist design with reliable performance so you can easily connect and get to work without giving these essential accessories a second thought.

  • Stylus Pens, Tablet Mounts, and More

    Enhancing your workspace often means improving the way you work, and we’re pleased to offer the technology you need to do it. Simple items like stylus pens, wireless presenters, and easy-to-install mounts can help you utilise your existing devices – and maximise their potential – more easily than ever before.

Explore Productivity Tech at Targus

Targus Hub with Cables and Laptop on Desk

With a range of cutting-edge organisation tools for work, transforming your workspace has never been more intuitive. We invite you to shop our entire range of laptop accessories, tablet cases, and more to discover the ideal products for you. Take advantage of our Targus Accessory Finder to effortlessly shop by device. In addition to the latest productivity technology, we carry a variety of laptop bags to help you safely store them. To protect both your belongings and your peace of mind, Targus offers a limited lifetime warranty on all bags and cases.

At Targus, we believe in creating tools that improve both lifestyle and workflow. Whatever your goals, we look forward to helping you discover the ideal productivity technology to transform your work.

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Thirty-five years and a history of firsts, Targus has been revolutionizing mobile computing accessories for large enterprises and end-users alike — connecting people and technology in meaningful ways. From laptop bags to tablet cases to peripherals and universal docking stations, we persistently conceive, design, and produce innovative, productivity-boosting solutions that make the complex, simple; and help people pursue their passions and live their purpose – at work and in life. We cross categories, regions, industries, and lifestyles with a breadth and depth of products that seamlessly provide you with everything you need to live, dream, and do.

Headquartered in Anaheim, California, Targus has global operations in over 45 offices and distribution in more than 100 countries. Learn more about us at, like or follow us on Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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